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powerlisting wiki is too toxic to be part of. all I saw is toxic Admins, Power abusing and ingratitude.

I saw many good members "veteran admins and editors" leave this wiki because of that, powerlisting wiki changed from a wiki about superpowers into a cult. So many good powers changed in the name of Admins says. If you want to edit you will get a red card, if you edit your edit will get insta revert. Powers changed from perfectly normal into Meta and Pata and absolute shit. Shitty limitations everywhere. They impose their flawed logic upon us they think powers are real, it's fiction not real, get a life and leave the basement.

Stay like this and I guaranty the wiki will not attract new editors it will die in 2 years at max.

A good quote from Anthonytheidiot "SPECIAL THANKS FOR nekron2 and SageM for ruining the wiki"

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