aka The Dark One and Keeper of the Gods

  • I live in on Earth
  • I was born on November 12
  • My occupation is Occultist, Pagan, Witch Practitioner, Medium and Necromancer, Soothsayer, Writer, Horror, Syfy and Comic fan, and Trickster. Also I prefer the company of animals to people..
  • I am Male
Sean Michael Allison idea

My Interests

As a Pagan, a Witch, a huge nerd and former religious studies major I have a possess a vast amount of knowledge about the Deities of our past that I've learned and apply here to make sure that they are depicted as accurately as possible. I go through and make edits to the ones that get changed to often by others only keeping the edits that make since for that Deity, if they don't I take them out. As these pages are based off of history and myths, not video games or playing cards.. etc..

I have just started to make my own pages which I really enjoy doing, and I will Still take care of the ones that hold my interest that are already here. My favorite pages are;

  • Transcendent Physiology (All of it)
  • Stand Outs for Me;
    • Archangel Physiology
    • Archdemon Physiology
    • Aztec Deity Physiology
    • Canaanite Deity Physiology
    • Celtic Deity Physiology
    • Chinese Deity Physiology
    • Egyptian Deity Physiology
    • Greek Deity Physiology (top interest)
      • Daimon Physiology
      • Protogenoi Physiology
      • Titan Physiology
    • Hindu Deity Physiology
    • Mayan Deity Physiology
    • Mesopotamian Deity Physiology
    • Native American Deity Physiology
    • Norse Deity Physiology
    • Roman Deity Physiology
    • Slavic Deity Physiology
    • Vodou Deity Physiology
  • Similar Pages I look after and/or am interested in;
    • Animal Deity Physiology
    • Creator Deity Physiology
    • Demiurge Physiology
    • Destroyer Deity Physiology
    • Divine-Angelic Physiology
    • Divine Beast Physiology
    • Divine-Demonic Physiology
    • Divine Monster Physiology
    • Divine Lord Physiology
    • Gorgon Physiology
    • Hunting Deity Physiology
    • Knowledge Deity Physiology
    • Lunar Deity Physiology
    • Mother Goddess Physiology
    • Mother Nature Physiology
    • Muse Physiology
    • Nature Deity Physiology
    • Oneiric Physiology
    • Primordial Deity Physiology
    • Primordial Human Physiology
    • Primordial Mage Physiology
    • Satyr Physiology
    • Sex Deity Physiology
    • Sky Father Physiology
    • Solar Deity Physiology
    • Transcendent Angel Physiology
    • Transcendent Bogeyman Physiology
    • Transcendent Demon Physiology
    • Transcendent Dragon Physiology
    • Transcendent Elf Physiology
    • Transcendent Fairy Physiology
    • Transcendent Homo Superior Physiology
    • Transcendent Hybrid Physiology
      • Transcendent Cambion Physiology
      • Transcendent Demigod Physiology
      • Transcendent Nephilim Physiology
      • Transcendent Superhuman Mage Physiology
    • Transcendent Mage Physiology
    • Transcendent Merfolk Physiology
    • Transcendent Mutant Physiology
    • Transcendent Undead Physiology
      • Transcendent Ghost Physiology
        • Transcendent Poltergeist Physiology
      • Transcendent Ghoul Physiology
      • Transcendent Vampire Physiology
    • War Deity Physiology

Pages I've Created

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