About Me

Well my name is Max (not my real name just an alias I use) and I am 17,  I love swimming, reading, writing, running, learning about the supernatural, learning about Greek mythology, helping others and doing new things. My favourite colour is blue, because it's my aura colour and I feel drawn to it, I love helping people and I love my friends, Charlie, Rosie, Adam and Lexi (also alias') as if they were my family, and I would protect them with my life, I have a huge group of friends that are amazing, and I consider them family, I want to go to university to study creative writing and Psychology and I want to be an author when i'm, older, I want to travel the world with my friends and I am currently working on 4 books that I am writing myself, and I have ideas for a few more, thats all that I can think of, if you want to know more about me or anything, just ask, I don't bite, much

Favourite Powers

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