I am The Echo Master, the master of all forces that exists and don't exists simultaneously and love to contribute if i have the time for it. Nice introduction moment.

I'm mostly contributing to powers that are psychic/mental related so you'll find me there most of the time or the popular pages (omnipotent powers). Also thinking of ideas for potential superpowers but ehh 😊. That depends on the concept on the power and locating a user for it.

Also a discussion moderator as of 6/28/2020.

Facts About Me

  • A contributor of course.
  • Like piano and relaxing music. Pretty nice to listen to.
  • Like the science fiction genre.
  • Play games (mostly PvP).
  • Watch action movies like star wars, pacific rim and much of that.

My Favorite Powers

My Top Favorite Powers (In Process)

  • Teleportation Force Manipulation -The power to manipulate teleportation force. A strong form of Teleportation. Created the power myself. It allows you to control the strength and generation of teleportation itself. Teleportation force is the force applied on objects and how much it and where to teleport it. Allowing to perform powerful feats such as warping huge planets away, teleport across the universe, construct mult-complex teleportation constructs and create/manipulate warps in the space time continuum to control portals, warp energy, the destinations, warping like speed etc.
  • Vector Manipulation - The power to control vectors of matter and interactions. It allows you to control the direction and magnitude on anything material and energy, since everything seems to have at least one, it makes the user powerful. Such as controlling the direction of anything, the magnitude of gravity, electromagnetism and even in a particle level, controlling the seperate sub atomic particles to any result. Also seen a limited simplified version of Telekinesis.
  • Ultipotence - The power to wield almighty/unlimited power. The power only version of Omnipotence and the highest level of Nigh Omnipotence to achieve. It lets unlimited control over all of existence and its atructures in it and beyond it. Letting the user to do what they want with their unlimited omnipotent power. The thing thats stopping them in matsery and knowledge. As it appears as a unmaster form of Omnipotence.
  • Creative Force Manipulation - The power to manipulate creative forces. The forces used to create anything concept of any kind (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and more). Making the user a powerful being in the galaxy by their manipulation of the creative sources and the processes of those individual constructs. Seen as a lesser version of Primordial Force Manipulation since they cant control the forcethe brought everything onto existence but multiple forces that cause materialization to happen.
  • Plot Control - The power to manipulate the plot. The user can manipulate the plot of the story including the process, events, characters and the over all setting in general. Making them a powerful being that can influence reality by altering the plot events to do so. Making them equivalent to a nigh omnipotent beings power. Seen as a lessser version of Author Authority.
  • Cosmic Telekinesis - The power to manipulate objects/matter on a cosmic level. Advanced version of Telekinesis. Created the power myself. The user telekinetic powers has developed and growed to such a high level that they can manipulate matter at a high degree. Allowing them to manipulate subatomic particles with ease andable to control multiple objects simultaneously. They're power grows that they can manipulate enormous objects like planets even galaxies.

Powers to Fix/Improve

  • Some soon.

Powers i created

If you need help with making pages better or any questions you have, you can come ask me on my wall or on discord if you like to talk there.

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