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Yo <insert name here>, my intended username was understandably taken already, so just call me Elixir. A brief introduction, I am one of the Powerlisting/Superpower's Wiki editors and content moderators. I consider myself to possess an encyclopedic knowledge in superpowers, and to be quite proficient in editing Fandom pages as well, so if you have any queries related to editing or this wiki, just hit me up on my message wall, and I'll do my best to answer them.

So, a little bit about myself. I spend most of my time on things like sports, video games, youtube, and homework (I hate studying). Speaking of homework, I'm a student and likely way younger than you think I am, math and science are also pretty easy, screw atomic structures tho. You could also say I enjoy manga, preferably of the fighting and superpower genre, though I still fancy a romcom and slice of life every now and then.

Alright, regarding superpowers, my taste is a blend of traditional and ineffable powers, like good ol' electricity and ice manipulation but also stuff like Perfection and Omnipotence. So far, I like gravity manipulation the most, I dislike those that act smart, Teenage Mercenary and Jungle Juice are peak Manhwa, Valorant and COD are gold, Genshin's elements will always be kino, badminton is easy, music carries me hard, and I'd like you to have a great day.

Favorite Pages/Powers

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