So how to I introduce myself again?... Oh right.

Hajimemashite, I go by the name Elixir and I am a fandom editor that recently started and is still learning the ropes. So, a little bit about myself... I consider myself a unique individual that is split into 2 parts. The first, more irrational one, is the one you would meet if you meet me in real life, and that personality of myself most favorite thing is anime/manga. The second version is the one who wrote this autobiography of sorts and finds satisfaction in the concept of everything/anything. To expand more on what I mentioned, I don't enjoy everything/anything but I do enjoy the concept of everything/anything, a lot in fact. And that's also the reason why I resent the progress of this world I live in. There is so much that hasn't been explored and discovered, thus leaving a gap in that everything I so desperately require. That is also the reason and incentive of being an editor of this wiki.

I find the concept of powers/abilities very interesting, as they extend to and encompass everything/anything. From the smallest things that affect us on a natural scale such as the four elements of nature to things that affect what we don't know. I also find the concept of other universes extremely enjoyable. Every piece of fiction that has/will/won't be conceived is a separate universe, a parallel universe, of sorts conceptualized by human beings. Other parallel universes that don't include fictional works are spawned by the imagination of infinite minds they will/has/won't exist and the ones that are variations of this universe. And this only one multiverse, in other multiverses, there could be things that we can never conceive or imagine, and there are an infinite number of them. This ties back to the concept of everything/anything, my main incentive for joining this community.

Maybe one day I might grow out of this obsession, but for now I'd like to live my own life in peace and enjoy what I enjoy.

Favorite Powers

As long as it has everything/all/anything in its capabilities/name/description, I'm down.

Pages I Made/Reworked/Helped

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