Emperor Huffius

  • I live in North Carolina
  • My occupation is anime racist
  • I am White
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Hello, I'm Emperor Huffius. I am a professional Scrublord and as Emperor I rule over my Empire: [ Ambroshya]. I enjoy science fiction, reading, writing (if I'm not lazy), and generally being myself. Fiction is my specialty. I also try not to be a douche as much as possible, I'm sure that you're happy to hear that.
[[File:Mem.jpg|center|I am no longer an inhabitant of this wiki. I have gone to where the memes are.]]
My theme song: [ I Like Trains]
== Favorite Powers: ==
[[Perspective Manipulation]]
[[Remote Mind Control]]
[[4th Wall Awareness]]
[[Author Authority]]
[[Vampire Lord Physiology]]
[[Color Manipulation]]
[[Enhanced Hacking]]
[[Escape Intuition]]
[[Butterfly Effect]]

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