Hello, I'm Emperor Huffius. I am a Doctor Who fan and a Mortal Kombat gamer, along with a couple of other titles. I'm here on this Wiki to make characters and have fun doing it, while also procrastinating about making YouTube videos for my sucky channel.

I am active in the chat, so if you want to talk to me, you should probably check there first. I'm on at least once a day, and am usually there for at LEAST an hour.

Also, if you, the reader, have the time and knowledge, PLEASE tell me what Touhou is. I can't find anything that just flat out tells me WHAT it is, and I've been trying to find out for a while.

My theme song: The Cycle Begins[1]

Powers I have in real life:

Penance Stare



Internet Empowerment

Child Prodigy

Peak Human Healing

Enhanced Deduction

Snappomancy (Auto-Reflexes)

Censorship Embodiment

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