Hey everyone, after many years of adding users, images, organising pages, alphabetising know users and the occasional typo correction I have finally made a page of my own, Magic Resistance. I've really enjoyed frequenting this wiki and am glad to contribute where I can.

I'm in the middle of a project on this wiki I made for myself to sort and alphabetised as many articles as possible, focusing mainly on users and images. I have made a blog post recording my progress and the progress of others who fix articles like this (link here), any help or even just a supportive comment would be very much appreciated.

Pages I created:

To do list:

To add content:

To Alphabetise/Sort:

A little history

On April 15th 1755 Samuel Johnson published "A Dictionary of the English Language", though not the first dictionary it was one of the first and most influential dictionaries ever made. However it was not perfect, there were 42,773 entires in it yet the english language at the time had between 250,000-300,000 words, one of the reasons was he did it by himself thus missed some but another is that he didn't include words he didn't like. 'Anus' wasn't included despite being used in definitions, 'Bang' 'Touch' 'Shabby' and others were deemed not fit to be in there and he disapproved of french words so 'Champagne' and 'Bourgeois' weren't there yet he did include 'Escargatoire'.

Just because a word is disliked doesn't mean it shouldn't be in a dictionary, if it fits the criteria of being uses enough with a few generally accepted meanings it deserves to be in there. Certain characters are hated in their fandoms but their presence cannot be denied and would have pages for them on their corresponding wikis based on evidence and not opinion. If a superpower has a definite qualities and capabilities and has users then it would belong on a superpower wiki.

My favourite powers

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