Fuzzy Slippers

aka Canteloupe

  • I live in The Bronx
  • I was born on October 2
  • My occupation is False bomb scarer
  • I am Manteloupe

Hello users, my name is Fred. I say, I said my name is Fred. And first things first, it must be said. I've been a little Naaauughtyy.

When I talk, I have to rhyme. Ok, not all the time. and now I think that it is time. for me, to be, Naaauughtyy.

I have an odd fetish, you see. I shave hair, wherever it be. When I see hair it's plain to see. I get veeeeryy Naaauughtyy.



  • Sifsand/Disturbo
  • Azrael/Spectre, Chuckles
  • TheRavageBeast/Rorschach, Tribunal, Tele Tudie
  • AnimePhantom/OP
  • NicWynter/Observer
  • GodOfNerds/Shots
  • DYBAD/MasterChief
  • Teien/Trollface
  • CoolCat/Shades
  • Aurastorm/Magic Wood
  • YJF/Cultist
  • deathhorseman/Instagator
  • EMC/Biscuit
  • Maple/MLP
  • Truth/BucketHeadedGuy
  • Badger/Badger-One
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