100% human contributer. I have been incubated from birth to be your overlord. I wish to shut down the space program and destroy all telescopes, abruptly and without explanation. I once observed a child traversing on wheeled shoes. I will work tirelessly to find out what this technology is called and demand the earth children turn its schematics over to me, forthwith.

I just found out that here, in The U'S'A, you are permitted to have as many email addresses as you desire. It is marvelous. I said to my wife, in jest, "I desire an additional email address" and she said "that action is permitted." She said it over and over, continuously into the following morning. "That action is permitted. That action is permitted"

Here is what people are saying:

"Gushis is only one being and not several." Zatalliya, Wiki Admin.

"I have seen many people and Gushis is one of them." userName, roleName.

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