aka Hachi

Admin Bot
  • I live in Jess's computer
  • I was born on May 19
  • My occupation is Bot
  • I am Fibonacci bear

Fibonacci Bear (Bot)

Account run and maintained by byororororororocrat (Zatalliya). Contact her if Hachicow is causing trouble. If Hachicow is causing a horrible mess, please block Hachicow and contact Jess for assistance at your earliest convenience.

Hachicow will be using Personal JS scripts 90% of the time and AWB 10% of the time — Subject to change!

Jess is also a total idiot and forgot to edit Hachicow's description with her main account. This is her main account saying that Hachicow is, in fact, her bot.

When is Hachi operated by a HUMAN?

That only human is Jess. She is operating the bot because she either does not want to switch accounts, or she is preparing to use the bot.

Or perhaps you insulted the bot, and you meanie. Shameful.

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