I was an undeniable fool that believed in childish stories like "God's Divine Plan", angels, demons but nowadays, even the future of the human race is just another story in my eyes. Through countless hours of research, I found out how ignorant the human race really was and decided I did not want to be apart of their ignorance anymore. I figured that the human race may cause its own extinction soon enough and none can stop it. This doesn't mean I have no hope, on the contrary, I am extremely hopeful and believe that this planet WILL heal itself from all the wounds we afflicted on to her.

The question isn't, who am I? Maybe you should ask yourself that question first.


Now I am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds-0

Page(s) I Made

Respectable People

  • RnR
  • Gabriel456
  • Thekingsman
  • Raijin
  • Juneran
  • Truth

Favorite Power(s) (Not In Order)

What I hate on this Wikia

  • Religious Discussions
  • Philosophical Discussions
  • Ignorant Anons
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