About me

Hi there. I'm not really a special contributor to this website, I'm just here for the general stuff. You know, Helping others with the users section, maybe contributing some ideas for techniques or capabilities if I can think of any.

...Expecting anything else? Um...Well, I like video games, cartoons, anime, stuff like that. If you want to talk to me, you can. I may be coming across as generic, but the main reason I made this account was so I could comment on this website. It'd be nice to get more out of it though. :)

My favorite powers

Air Manipulation

Aura Manipulation

Bakeneko Physiology

Nanite Manipulation

Nothingness Manipulation

Plant Manipulation

Scythe Proficiency

Season Manipulation

Sky Manipulation

Sound Manipulation

Spirit Magic

Spirit Physiology

Electricity Manipulation

Technology Manipulation

Time Manipulation

Twilight Manipulation

Ziz Physiology

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