Cosmic Egg

Cosmic Egg of Eros Amor

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Pages I created or influenced

  1. Genesis-Procreation Manipulation
  2. Mathematics Embodiment
  3. Authority Embodiment
  4. Primordial Storm Manipulation
  5. Primordial Chaos Manipulation
  6. Primordial Order Manipulation
  7. Heartbeat Amplification
  8. Time-Storm Manipulation
  9. Prison Domain
  10. Youth Manipulation
  11. Hunting Deity Physiology
  12. Youth Aspect Manifestation
  13. Solar Deity Physiology
  14. Hunting Manipulation
  15. Freedom Manipulation
  16. Desert Lordship
  17. Coastal Lordship
  18. Island Lordship
  19. Garden Manipulation
  20. Superior Angel Physiology 
  21. Dark Alchemy
  22. Fairy Lord Physiology

Favorite Powers

  1. Primordial Physics Manipulation
  2. Primordial Chaos Manipulation
  3. Ballistic Telekinesis
  4. Telekinetic Force Manipulation
  5. Quantum Telekinesis
  6. Tactile Telekinesis
  7. Supernatural Voice
  8. Infinite Energy
  9. Game Manipulation

Powers that are good for Writing Characters

Power Ideas

Chrono Telekinesis - The ability to manipulate matter through Time by directing the universal forces that drive time forward. Possible Users include the Speed Force itself and its conduits.

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