aka Alex

  • I live in Amestris
  • My occupation is stealing your waifus.
  • I am male most likely.

Hia! Welcome to my profile! I'm Alex.

I joined on the 21st of April, 2015. I'm relatively new to the whole wiki thing so please bare with me.

About me:

  • Relationship status: Devoted to the 2D booty
  • Favorite color: Green or orange
  • Age: Immortal, forgotten age
If you can't tell, my favorite waifu is Rikka Takanashi...

Other sites or information:


Youtube: Morel Mackernasey

TV Tropes: penguinz0

Steam: magikalex (account name) Con (profile name)

Feel free to contact me about whatever.

My one and only friend:

Favorite Powers:

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