Hey, prospective reader of my personal page! . I first started using the wiki sometime back in 2017, but I haven't actually gotten started with it in proper until now (August of 2019).

I'm a tabletop gamer, writer, and cybersecurity professional.

Remember that though we might disagree on the writing of a power or something fundamental, I probably don't dislike you as a person. Nothing I'm saying in regards to editing the wiki is meant to be personal, and you definitely shouldn't feel bad because I disagree with you - I disagree with lots of things, and I love lots of things that I still criticize! :-)

Everything on this page should be taken as my opinion or thought alone - these are not necessarily ideas I act on, and I wouldn't ever make major changes without some kind of community/admin backing.Think of them more like initiatives I'd like to see passed than rules I'm ready to enforce.

My Favorite Powers!

To Do/Priorities

The Trello (https://trello.com/b/lkkvuShS/superpower-wiki) will have a full list of ongoing problems and projects, but this is more my personal to-do.

Useful Links:

  • Special Pages (for editing):
    • Special:LonelyPages
      • Pages that aren't well integrated and need to be linked into the wiki. Links should be made to them, and they should link to other pages better.
    • Special:FewestRevisions
      • Pages with the least development - very few revisions. These need to be reviewed, and added to if they are found worthy
    • Special:Withoutimages
      • All pages for powers should, ideally, have at least one image.
    • Special:ShortPages
      • Probably need to be expanded on.
    • Special:WantedPages
      • Be careful with this one because a lot of them are references to pages that got moved, typo'd pages, etc. But some of them are actually links looking for a page that doesn't exist, so those MIGHT be worth looking into.
    • Special:UncategorizedPages
      • Pages should never be uncategorized. I will cry if they are.
  • Special Pages for Content Moderation:

Sandbox Desert

This is a section for sandboxes that I am creating to house things I am working on. Sometimes there's just a bullet to an idea with no link - that tells you how much I worked on it!

  • Virtual Reality Transcendence
    • The power to exist in a simulation but affect the world that is simulating you (presumably the real world in most cases).
    • Gotta workshop that name, Transcendence tends to mean something specific regarding omnipotence/the almighty. This power just means you're in a sim that can affect the real world - you don't have to be a god to do that.
  • User:Necrotifice/TestBedSandbox
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