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Hey, prospective reader of my personal page! . I first started using the wiki sometime back in 2017, but I haven't actually gotten started with it in proper until now (August of 2019).

I'm a tabletop gamer, writer, and cybersecurity professional.

As a heads up, if you see a page you worked on or created in one of my lists of pages I want changed/culled/merged, please do not take it personally. We might disagree on the writing of a power or something fundamental, but I don't dislike you as a person. Nothing I'm saying is meant to be personal, and you definitely shouldn't feel bad because I disagree with you - I disagree with lots of things, and I love lots of things that I still criticize! :-)

Everything on this page should be taken as my opinion or thought alone - these are not necessarily ideas I act on, and I wouldn't ever make major changes without some kind of community/admin backing.

My Favorite Powers!

Rules/Guidelines I'd Like to See

1. Canon Agnosticism

  • Entries regarding a power shouldn't make reference to a specific canon, real or fictional. This includes things like cosmological concepts, individuals, or history.
    • Some common threads, such as demons being evil or orcs typically being vicious, make sense. Just no need to talk about how "some scholars say 'x'" - that universe's canon doesn't apply outside that universe, so those things aren't relevant to a canon-agnostic space
  • Why?
    • Because this wiki contains information from hundreds, if not thousands, of canons that operate on separate rules. It's fine to discuss specific canon in the Known Users section, but to include it in the basic description of a power muddies the waters.

2. General Decency Guideline

  • Powers should not be explicitly sexual (i.e. no pornographic content/NSFW)
  • Powers should not overly make reference to modern politics,specific real world illnesses/conditions
  • Why?
    • I think this one should be self-evident, but it's to make the wiki a more welcoming environment. I'm not saying go full gestapo, I'm just saying that when these things come up in writing a power or description an editor should step back and ask if what they're writing makes sense as a super power or not, and whether or not the purpose of the power is really just to add to the wiki. If both of those conditions are true, then it's probably fine to post. Otherwise, you might workshop it with other editors.
    • Also, this guideline is based on a conversation on the Discord with users whose Discord names were as follows, credit where it's due!
      • Pikazilla, matrix, OC_VORTEKS, Demo the Wiki God, Savage Samurai, and Forlorn Winter

Pages I think should be culled/merged

1. This Is Not a Power

  • True Hero
    • True Hero is a trope/archetype of character, not a power.
  • Dark Lord
    • See above
  • Facelessness
    • Having no face is a physical attribute. While this might have some occasional benefits, it's really not a power. What does it do? How does it work? It doesn't, you're just describing people.
  • Candelabra Physiology
    • Man, you cannot tell me that this is a necessary page. There's two known users, both of them the same guy but from different franchises. It's Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast.

2. This should be merged

  • Spider Physiology
    • Should be merged with Arachnid Physiology
      • I don't think it matters that much which gets merged into what page, but I do think Arachnid is better because it also covers any weird edge cases of non-spider arachnid-powered characters.

Pages that I want to see changed

  • I will update this list over time as I see pages that I think are kinda weird but should be changed in a questionable way that I don't feel comfortable with doing prior to discussing with others!
    • This list is mostly for me, so I can remember what pages to go back and check on!
  • Aether Manipulation
    • The capabilities section of this page is a lore-riddled mess that does a poor job of conveying what the power is or does. I'd like to see it changed to something more straightforward by someone who understand what that power is supposed to be.
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