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About Me

Just your average writer, wiki editor and roleplayer! You'll typically see me making edits to pages here and there rather than making powers all-together, but I'll be sure to throw an occasional softball to get things rolling~

Powers To Do

Feel free to create any of these powers if you wish! It's just a general list of powers I have up for myself or others to do if they ever need inspiration or ideas!

  • Cold Resistance
  • Damage Immunity
  • Dream Intuition
  • Remake Death Transcendence (Opposite to Life Transcendence)
  • Environmental Perfection
  • Existence Upgrading
  • Fusion (True Opposite of Separation)
  • Heat Resistance
  • Immunity Negation (Similar to Immortality Negation & Immortality Removal)
  • Magic Omnipresence
  • Magic Omniscience
  • Metaphysical Immunity
  • Omni-Aversion Inducement
  • Pata-Time/Comic Time
  • Pata-Space/Comic Page/Canvas
  • Plot Immunity
  • Powerlessness
  • Potential Erasure
  • Quantum Immunity

Favorite Powers

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