• I live in Murica
  • My occupation is Adventurer
  • I am Male
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==Powers I Would Want In Real Life==
==Powers I Would Want In Real Life==
*[[Electricity Manipulation]]/[[Electromagnetism Manipulation|Electromagnetism]]
*[[Electricity Manipulation]]/[[Electromagnetism Manipulation|Electromagnetism]]
*[[Fire Manipulation]]/[[Heat Generation]]
*[[Fire Manipulation]]/[[Heat Generation]]-Blue Fire
*[[Air Manipulation]]
*[[Air Manipulation]]
*[[Supernatural Condition]]
*[[Supernatural Condition]]

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My name is Jonathan and Im 16. I like super powers and like contributing to PowerListing. I like playing the PS3 and love doing martial arts. I'm a man of the Bible.


My Favorite Powers


Powers I Would Want In Real Life

Pages I Created

Hang on

Hang on

A favorite

  1. Spiritual Energy Conversion
  2. Formulated Electrical Blasts
  3. Power Transferal
  4. Aqua-Electric Manipulation
  5. Formulated blasts
  6. Demonic Force Manipulation
  7. Elemental Ball Projection
  8. Electric-Photon Manipulation
  9. Spark Manipulation
  10. Electrical Shockwave Projection
  11. Cherubim Physiology
  12. MC


    A fav

    Elemental Wing Manifestation
  13. Positive Electricity Manipulation
  14. Electrical Propulsion
  15. Exaggeration
  16. Imagination Manifestation
  17. Electrical Levitation
  18. Natural Lightning Empowerment---CANCELLED OUT
  19. Pyrokinetic Constructs
  20. Electrically Enhanced Jump
  21. Food Empowerment
  22. Elemental Beast Form
  23. Pyro-Electro Mixture
  24. Elemental Bow Construction
  25. Elemental Aura
  26. Electro-Aero Mixture
  27. Formulated Fire Blasts
  28. Electrical Force Field
  29. Elemental Beam Emission
  30. Spiritual Energy Propulsion
  31. Supernatural Fruit Empowerment
  32. Electric Conductivity
  33. Electrical Constructs
  34. Super Energy Ball Projection
  35. Fire Absorption
  36. Rapid Physical Combat
  37. Bullet Sound
  38. Electrical Wall Crawling
  39. Light Ball Projection
  40. Fire Aura
  41. Electrical Bolt Projection
  42. Elemental Bolt Projection
  43. Electric Aura
  44. Life-Force Aura
  45. Electromagnetic Beam Emssion
  46. Electrically Enhanced Speed
  47. Electric Bomb Generation
  48. Positron Manipulation
  49. EM Spectrum Manipulation
  50. Thunder Control
  51. Performance Enhancement
  52. Ionization Inducement
  53. Pyro-Oleum Mixture
  54. Elemental Blade Construction
  55. Cold Water Manipulation- deleted for no apparent reason
  56. Life-Force Beam Emission
  57. Light Beam Emission
  58. Electric Field Control- Ludicrously redirected to Electromagnetism
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