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I like dealing with pages about lightning.
My name is Jonathan and Im 16 and I like super powers. I like playing the PS3 and like doing martial arts. I'm a man of the Bible.
==Cherished Pages==
*[[EM Electricity Manipulation]]
*[[Spiritual Energy Conversion]]
==My Favorite Powers==
==My Favorite Powers==
*[[Electricity Manipulation|Lightning Manipulation]]
*[[Electricity Manipulation]]
*[[Fire Manipulation]]
*[[Fire Manipulation]]
*[[Air Manipulation]]
*[[EM Spectrum Manipulation]]
==Powers I Would Want In Real Life==
==Powers I Would Want In Real Life==
*[[Electricity Manipulation]]/[[Electromagnetism Manipulation|Electromagnetism]]
*[[Electricity Manipulation|Lightning Manipulation]]/[[EM Electricity Manipulation|EM Lightning Manipulation]] - Discharge thunderbolts, and ball lightning of powerful lightning power and intensity.
*[[Fire Manipulation]]/[[Heat Generation]]-Blue Fire
*[[Fire Manipulation]] - Scourge the enemy with superheated blue flames.
*[[Air Manipulation]]
*[[Air Manipulation]] - Control the air, take the air from their lungs.
*[[Earth Manipulation]] - Control the rocks, minerals, and plants.
*[[Supernatural Condition]]
*[[Supernatural Condition]] - Have god status condition, to jump 3000 feet in the air, or clap creating a shockwave.
*[[Spirit Physiology|Celestial Transformation]]
*[[Etheral Physiology|Celestial Transformation]] - Transform my body from terrestrial to celestial.
*[[Spiritual Force Manipulation]]
*[[Spiritual Force Manipulation ]]- Be able to manipulate my own life force to severely burn my enemies.
*[[Flight]] - Be able to cruise along without outside assistance, exploring the earth.
*[[Telekinesis]] - Move almost anything with ease, using only my mind.
*[[Telepathy]] - Commune without speaking, cause mental delusions.
*[[Empathy]] - Know exactly what your feeling.
*[[Danger Sense]]
*[[Biological Manipulation]] - Be able to bring forth boils, and blisters, and to deform.
==Powers To Create==
==Powers To Create==
*Neutron Manipulation
==Pages I Created==
==Pages I Created==
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#[[Fire Bomb Generation]]
#[[Fire Bomb Generation]]
#[[Electrical Arc Emssion]]
#[[Electrical Arc Emssion]]
#[[Heat Manipulation]]
#[[Fire Propulsion]]
#[[Super Conductor Blast|EM Electricity Manipulation]]
#[[Electric Pull]]
#[[Aerokinetic Flight]]
#[[Geokinetic Flight]]
#[[Telekinetic Cutting]]
==Revamped Pages==
==Revamped Pages==
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*[[Electrical Enhanced Condition]] (Electrically Enhanced Physiology)
*[[Electrical Enhanced Condition]] (Electrically Enhanced Physiology)
*[[Ionic Manipulation]]
*[[Ionic Manipulation]]
==People I Respect==
==Pics I edited/improved==
==Pics I edited/improved==
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==My Music==
[[File:Dubstep - Trivecta - Believe (feat. Connor Zwetsch) Monstercat Release-0|thumb|left|323 px|cool song]]
[[File:Fugees - Killing Me Softly (with lyrics)|thumb|left|270px]]
[[File:Hate Being Sober- LYRICS Chief Keef ft. 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa|thumb|right|233 px|Soober]]
[[File:Sleeping Dogs Parkour Montage|thumb|left|262 px|sommin cool, but unknown idk]]
==My Music==
[[File:Garbage - When I Grow Up (Big Daddy Version)|thumb|right|236 px|Big Daddy song]]
[[File:Dancing in the Moonlight lyrics|thumb|left|255 px|sommin youll like]]
[[File:JAYZ - HARD KNOCK LIFE with LYRICS HD|thumb|right|221 px|hard knock life]]
[[File:Jay-Z Ft.Amil, & Ja Rule - Can I Get A... (Music Video) (1998)|thumb|left|250 px|rush hour j z classic]]
[[File:Rufus Wainwright - Instant Pleasure|thumb|left|259 px|notha big daddy hit]]
[[File:Lil wayne - Mr. Carter (Featuring Jay-Z) - Tha Carter 3|thumb|right|252 px|Mr Carter]]
[[File:Lil' Wayne - A Milli|thumb|left|224 px|milli]]
[[File:Kid Cudi - Day n Night Lyrics ! (Original)|thumb|right|255 px|day n night]]
[[File:DBZ Unstopable Vageta(Kane's theme)|thumb|left|273px|kane old thme]]
[[File:Keri hilson Knock You down lyrics|thumb|right|278 px|sometime lov nock u down]]
[[File:The Prince of Egypt Soundtrack - "When You Believe" Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston (Track 1)|thumb|right|278 px|Whn u believe]]
[[File:Damizza, N.U.N.E. - 06 - I'll Do Anything|thumb|right|305px|ill do anything that i want to. do. ( True Crime LA classic)]]
[[File:Don't Stop Believin' - Journey w lyrics|thumb|left|268 px|dont stop believen (karate kid)]]
[[File:Dame Dash's Dream Team-We Are The Champions|thumb|right|266 px|Dream Team Champs]]
[[File:Tekken 5 OST Frozen Paradise|thumb|left|254 px|tekken 5 instru 1]]
[[File:Tekken 5 OST Ground Zero Funk|thumb|right|247px|tekken instru 2]]
[[File:Tekken 5 OST Dragon's Nest ~To Those Who Go To Heaven~|thumb|right|249 px|tekken 5 instru 3 fave]]
[[File:I Can't Go For That - Hall&Oates (Lyrics)|thumb|left|278 px|HQ cant go]]
[[File:I Can't Find The Time to Tell You - Hootie and The Blowfish|thumb|left|259 px|me myself and irene song]]
[[File:Dido - Here With Me (Remix)|thumb|left|285 px|here with me remix]][[File:Sean Kingston Beautiful Girls Lyrics|thumb|right|273 px|beautifulll girllss]]
[[File:The Moment of Truth - Survivor HQ|thumb|right|319 px|sommin coo from karate kid]]
[[File:Bride of Chucky- See you in hell|thumb|left|293px|that song from bride of chucky]]
[[File:Kill Bill Vol. 2 OST - L' Arena (1968) - Ennio Morricone - (Track 9) - HD|thumb|right|278 px|Kill Bill 2 coffin song]][[File:I'll See You When You Get There|thumb|left|288 px|coolio song]]
[[File:Toni Braxton ft Babyface Hurt You lyrics|thumb|right|292 px|Neva meant to]]
[[File:Boyz 2 Girls - "Pray It Goes Ok?" - Lips 106 - GTA III|thumb|right|273px|GTA 3 song, youd know]]
[[File:Wake Me Up -- Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc Lyrics|thumb|left|306 px|wake me up]]
[[File:Biggie Smalls - You're Nobody Til Somebody Kills You ..|thumb|right|318 px|coo biggie song]]
[[File:Gucci Mane Ft. Waka Flocka Flame And OJ Da Juiceman - This Is What I Do ( The Return Of Mr. Zone 6 )|thumb|left|314px|THIS what i DO]]
[[File:Everlasting|thumb|right|259px|Love Can Break Your Heart]][[File:The Show Goes On- Lupe Fiasco (Lyrics)-0|thumb|right|239px|SHow Goes ]][[File:Kanye|thumb|left|259px|Heard em]][[File:Dont Stop Me Now|thumb|right|259px| Dont Stop Me Now]][[File:Daylight- Matt and Kim|thumb|left|257px|Day]][[File:Ja rule Ft. Jenifer Lopez - I'm real lyrics|thumb|left|257px|Real]][[File:Under stand me lyrics ( Chief Keef )-1400506229|thumb|right|357 px|Understand me]][[File:Elton John - Can You Feel The Love Tonight (High Quality)|thumb|left|257px|Lion king]][[File:Everybody Wants To Rule The World|thumb|right|290 px|a hit]][[File:Alicia Bridges - I Love the Night Life lyrics!!.|thumb|right|259px|NIGHTLIFE]][[File:Hall & Oates - Out of Touch|thumb|right|245px|out of touch]][[File:Sad Eyes - Robert John|thumb|left|223 px|SAD EYES]][[File:Live - Deep Enough|thumb|right|221px|Fast and Furious Sound[[File:Rick Ross - Hold Me Back (Clean Clean-ish)|thumb|left|223px|NO hold em back (Clearly that shh8t)]][[File:Daddy DJ- Daddy DJ|thumb|right|252px|diddy Dj]][[File:Craig Gray - Fade Away-1|thumb|left|212 px|GTA 3 sound]][[File:Nena - 99 Luftballons - lyrics|thumb|left|212 px|99 LB]][[File:Cassidy ft. Jay-Z - I'm A Hustla|thumb|left|245px|THAT DEALL]][[File:Young Money - Bed Rock Lyrics|thumb|right|278px|bedrock]][[File:Future ft. Kelly Rowland- Neva end remix (lyrics on screen)|thumb|left|233 px|neva end future]][[File:Down And Out- Camron Ft. Kanye West|thumb|right|226 px|down and out]][[File:Turn Out The Night - Amy Holland (Scarface Soundtrack)|thumb|left|238 px|turn out the night scarface]][[File:Nas - Ether (Lyrics Video)|thumb|left|209 px|...dammmn]][[File:Maxwell Lifetime|thumb|left|276px|I can let my life pass me by]][[File:Twista ft do or die DO U|thumb|right|243 px|A hit]]

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I like dealing with pages about lightning.

Cherished Pages

My Favorite Powers

Powers I Would Want In Real Life

Powers To Create

Pages I Created

  1. Spiritual Energy Conversion
  2. Formulated Electrical Blasts
  3. Power Transferal
  4. Aqua-Electric Manipulation
  5. Formulated blasts
  6. Demonic Energy Manipulation
  7. Elemental Ball Projection
  8. Electric-Photon Manipulation
  9. Spark Manipulation
  10. Electrical Shockwave Projection
  11. Cherubim Physiology
  12. Elemental Wing Manifestation
  13. Positive Electricity Manipulation
  14. Electrical Propulsion
  15. Exaggeration
  16. Imagination Manifestation
  17. Electrical Levitation
  18. Natural Lightning Empowerment---CANCELLED OUT
  19. Pyrokinetic Constructs
  20. Electrically Enhanced Jump
  21. Food Empowerment
  22. Elemental Beast Form
  23. Pyro-Electro Mixture
  24. Elemental Bow Construction
  25. Elemental Aura
  26. Electro-Aero Mixture
  27. Formulated Fire Blasts
  28. Electrical Force Field
  29. Elemental Beam Emission
  30. Spiritual Energy Propulsion
  31. Supernatural Fruit Empowerment
  32. Electric Conductivity
  33. Electrical Constructs
  34. Super Energy Ball Projection (Energy Ball Projection)
  35. Fire Absorption
  36. Rapid Physical Combat
  37. Bullet Sound
  38. Electrical Wall Crawling
  39. Light Ball Projection
  40. Fire Aura
  41. Electrical Bolt Projection
  42. Elemental Bolt Projection
  43. Electric Aura
  44. Life-Force Aura
  45. Electromagnetic Beam Emssion
  46. Electrically Enhanced Speed
  47. Electric Bomb Generation
  48. Positron Manipulation
  49. EM Spectrum Manipulation
  50. Thunder Control
  51. Performance Enhancement
  52. Ionization Inducement
  53. Pyro-Oleum Mixture
  54. Elemental Blade Construction
  55. Cold Water Manipulation- deleted for no apparent reason
  56. Life-Force Beam Emission
  57. Light Beam Emission
  58. Electric Field Control- Ludicrously redirected to Electromagnetism
  59. Hand Gesture Empowerment
  60. Angel Soul
  61. Prayer Gain
  62. Super Charge
  63. Emotional Phenomena Manipulation
  64. Gaia Energy Manipulation
  65. Pyric Spectrum Manipulation
  66. Astral Electricity Manipulation
  67. Electro Spectrum Manipulation
  68. Ice Energy Manipulation
  69. Opposition Energy Manipulation - DIGUSTING
  70. Concussive Force
  71. Life-Force Ball Projection
  72. Fire Stream Projection
  73. Fire Bomb Generation
  74. Electrical Arc Emssion
  75. Heat Manipulation
  76. Fire Propulsion
  77. EM Electricity Manipulation
  78. Electric Pull
  79. Aerokinetic Flight
  80. Geokinetic Flight
  81. Telekinetic Cutting

Revamped Pages

Pics I edited/improved

My Music


Dubstep - Trivecta - Believe (feat. Connor Zwetsch) Monstercat Release-0

cool song


Fugees - Killing Me Softly (with lyrics)


Hate Being Sober- LYRICS Chief Keef ft. 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa



Sleeping Dogs Parkour Montage

sommin cool, but unknown idk


Garbage - When I Grow Up (Big Daddy Version)

Big Daddy song


Dancing in the Moonlight lyrics

sommin youll like



hard knock life


Jay-Z Ft.Amil, & Ja Rule - Can I Get A... (Music Video) (1998)

rush hour j z classic


Rufus Wainwright - Instant Pleasure

notha big daddy hit


Lil wayne - Mr. Carter (Featuring Jay-Z) - Tha Carter 3

Mr Carter


Lil' Wayne - A Milli



Kid Cudi - Day n Night Lyrics ! (Original)

day n night


DBZ Unstopable Vageta(Kane's theme)

kane old thme


Keri hilson Knock You down lyrics

sometime lov nock u down


The Prince of Egypt Soundtrack - "When You Believe" Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston (Track 1)

Whn u believe


Damizza, N.U.N.E. - 06 - I'll Do Anything

ill do anything that i want to. do. ( True Crime LA classic)


Don't Stop Believin' - Journey w lyrics

dont stop believen (karate kid)


Dame Dash's Dream Team-We Are The Champions

Dream Team Champs


Tekken 5 OST Frozen Paradise

tekken 5 instru 1


Tekken 5 OST Ground Zero Funk

tekken instru 2


Tekken 5 OST Dragon's Nest ~To Those Who Go To Heaven~

tekken 5 instru 3 fave


I Can't Go For That - Hall&Oates (Lyrics)

HQ cant go


I Can't Find The Time to Tell You - Hootie and The Blowfish

me myself and irene song


Dido - Here With Me (Remix)

here with me remix


Sean Kingston Beautiful Girls Lyrics

beautifulll girllss


The Moment of Truth - Survivor HQ

sommin coo from karate kid


Bride of Chucky- See you in hell

that song from bride of chucky


Kill Bill Vol. 2 OST - L' Arena (1968) - Ennio Morricone - (Track 9) - HD

Kill Bill 2 coffin song


I'll See You When You Get There

coolio song


Toni Braxton ft Babyface Hurt You lyrics

Neva meant to


Boyz 2 Girls - "Pray It Goes Ok?" - Lips 106 - GTA III

GTA 3 song, youd know


Wake Me Up -- Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc Lyrics

wake me up


Biggie Smalls - You're Nobody Til Somebody Kills You ..

coo biggie song


Gucci Mane Ft. Waka Flocka Flame And OJ Da Juiceman - This Is What I Do ( The Return Of Mr. Zone 6 )

THIS what i DO



Love Can Break Your Heart


The Show Goes On- Lupe Fiasco (Lyrics)-0

SHow Goes



Heard em


Dont Stop Me Now

Dont Stop Me Now


Daylight- Matt and Kim



Ja rule Ft. Jenifer Lopez - I'm real lyrics



Under stand me lyrics ( Chief Keef )-1400506229

Understand me


Elton John - Can You Feel The Love Tonight (High Quality)

Lion king


Everybody Wants To Rule The World

a hit


Alicia Bridges - I Love the Night Life lyrics!!.



Hall & Oates - Out of Touch

out of touch


Sad Eyes - Robert John


[[File:Live - Deep Enough|thumb|right|221px|Fast and Furious Sound


Rick Ross - Hold Me Back (Clean Clean-ish)

NO hold em back (Clearly that shh8t)


Daddy DJ- Daddy DJ

diddy Dj


Craig Gray - Fade Away-1

GTA 3 sound


Nena - 99 Luftballons - lyrics

99 LB


Cassidy ft. Jay-Z - I'm A Hustla



Young Money - Bed Rock Lyrics



Future ft. Kelly Rowland- Neva end remix (lyrics on screen)

neva end future


Down And Out- Camron Ft. Kanye West

down and out


Turn Out The Night - Amy Holland (Scarface Soundtrack)

turn out the night scarface


Nas - Ether (Lyrics Video)



Maxwell Lifetime

I can let my life pass me by


Twista ft do or die DO U

A hit

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