aka Mekhi X.

  • I live in a Black Hole
  • I was born on April 13
  • My occupation is To reach Infinity, for all of Eternity
  • I am Male

Who is Mekhi X?


Only Imagination can save Humankind from destruction, start thinking Outside the Box, and have an open mind.

I probably won't do much editing just commenting on things, Although i might start editing pages soon.

my real name is Mekhi and I am A 17 year old African American aka Black, I have a completely open mind, and I like to think outside the box ( Unlike the indoctrinated sheeple in our society.) I try to get along with everyone as well. I am very artistic, I love Acting/Theatre, Music, Sports, (Like Dodgeball) etc. I am also Book-smart, I can name all 200-something countries on all 7 continents, I can tell you what is the nearest star toward our Earth, Nobody seems to understand me in the real world, so i come here to escape reality, Cause who wouldn't wanna escape reality here :p Lol that is all enjoy your life before it's too late. -Mekhi X.

Powers that i would kill to have, ( Literally)

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