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*[[Magic Negation]]
*[[Magic Negation]]
*[[Orang Minyak Physiology]]
*[[Popobawa Physiology]]
*[[Popobawa Physiology]]

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My name is Randy and I am a family-loving, loud-laughing, sweet-smiling, happy-go-lucky, evil-when-angered kind of guy.

I turned 21 on July 25th, 2012; I'm in my second year at Valencia Community College, and I am a person of the finer arts.

That means, I love God (Jesus; I'm a Christian--Nondenominational Protestant, to be specific-- not Muslim, Buddhist, or a member of any of those other religious beliefs)

I love the study of mythology, legend, myth, folklore and the paranormal (I'm working on a book listing and defining the various different superhuman abilities)

I love animals (I have three cats) and other various aspects of nature.

I love to read, talk (and listen) to friends, write (stories, plays, poems, etc.) and sometimes draw (though I consider myself no expert).

I find myself to be a cultured person, but I have a strange sense of humor. I'm very strange in many other aspects as well (I would describe myself as "Blissfully Eccentric") but that's what makes me me.

If you think you might have similar interests to me, feel free to follow these links:

The Superpower List-

The Superpower List Forum-

TheSuperpowerList Deviant Group on DeviantArt-

The Marvelous Miscreant's Multiverse Forum-

And just so you know, I prefer colloquial names when referring to superpowers. Quantakinesis, rather than Quantity Manipulation; Omnilingualism rather than something like Universal Translation. Then again, I guess it depends on which name I came across first, or which rolls off my tongue better. I prefer Vocal Mimicry over Omnitone, for example.

My Favorite Pages

Fave page, definitely this one.

List of Supernatural Powers and Abilities

As far as specific powers, though, I like most powers. It's so hard to choose one. Almost like choosing a favorite child, or a favorite pet. But if I had to choose three, I would say:

Pages I've Made

Pages to be made (Do not copy these ideas)

  • Elucidation (Mental Clarification)
  • Noetic Feeding (and Noetic Conversion)
  • Hippalectryon Physiology
  • Sceadugenga Physiology
  • Bucentaur Physiology
  • Onocentaur Physiology
  • Pegacentaur Physiology
  • Ichthyocentaur Physiology
  • Numen Physiology
  • Man-Eating Tree Physiology
  • Myrmidon Physiology
  • Faduah Physiology
  • Jidra Physiology
  • Celphie Physiology
  • Crodere Physiology
  • Mythical races based Physiologies...
  • Size Shifting and Mass Shifting (differentiate as two separate powers)
  • Pressure Mimicry
  • Chronoskimming
  • Chronoskipping
  • Definition Intuition
  • Allergen Manipulation (Allergenic Manipulation)
  • Dream Recall
  • Past Life Recall
  • Vision Recall
  • Hypertime Chronopathy
  • Autoscopy (Third Person Perspective)
  • Clairvoyant Interpretation
  • (Add to Enhanced Vision) Tetrachromacy, Pentachromacy
  • Antinomian Persuasion
  • Nonexistence (new version?)
  • Sublimation (doesn't affect just self, can also sublimate other matter)
  • Addiction Inducement (to substances and matter other than oneself)
  • Echo Cognition
  • Ventriloquial Reception
  • Phycokinesis (Seaweed Manipulation)
  • Coral Manipulation
  • Geothermal Energy Manipulation
  • Oneirokinesis variations (Dream-Inducing Presence, Nightmare-Inducing Presence, Nightmare Negation, etc...)
  • Geometric Sense (Geometry Sense)
  • Geometric Physiology
  • Name-Based Abilities
  • Clothing-Based Abilities
  • Fashion Sense
  • Nonlinear Vision
  • Lightless Vision
  • Cnidarian Touch
  • Rightful Rule (Regal Bond)
  • Other forms of Vampirism
  • Magic Negation
  • Instinct Negation
  • Scopaesthesia
  • Sanitization
  • Rollout (Not the same as Spherical Mimicry)
  • Capgras Effect
  • Rapid Mind
  • Rube-Goldberg Mind
  • Binary Mind
  • Toxic Mind
  • Lamentation Inducing
  • Object Communication
  • Random Number Generation
  • Anamnesis
  • Retrocognitive Immunity
  • Baby Communication
  • Catharsis
  • Catharsis Inducement (Purge Inducement, Purging)
  • Chaos Sense
  • Cold Absorption
  • Contagion
  • Fireproofing
  • Soundproofing
  • Coldproofing
  • Fallproofing
  • Quakeproofing
  • Shockproofing
  • Foolproofing
  • Spellproofing
  • Weatherproofing
  • Edit Temporal Cognition
  • Itch Inducing
  • Time Defiance (Time/Temporal Manipulation/Chronokinetic Immunity)
  • Invulnerability Defiance
  • Illusory Physiology (Illusory Form)
  • Innate Language
  • Power Improvement (Power Upgrade)
  • Mechanical Transmutation
  • Dulcification
  • Jellification
  • Glaciation
  • Jargonization
  • Kything
  • Hand Manipulation
  • Metal Detection
  • Hypertime Chronopathy
  • Psychopompism
  • Rainbow Immunity
  • Repertoire of Knowledge
  • Ruthless Pursuit
  • Sugar Empowerment ("Sugar Rush")
  • Periscopic Vision
  • Wave Form (Waveform Mimicry)
  • Vitrification
  • Zombie Mind Conversion
  • Wound Licking
  • Logomachy
  • Axis Access
  • Hive Manipulation
  • Specific Superhuman Anatomy powers
  • Color Projection
  • Heat Conductivity
  • Psychic Energy Conductivity
  • Moss Manipulation
  • Charcoal Manipulation
  • Sonic Teleportation
  • Rhythm/Tempo Manipulation
  • Ent (Treant) Physiology
  • Post-Mortem Animation (similar to the Fext- maybe better name...)
  • Akasha Perception
  • Akasha Manipulation (Akasha Mastery, Akasha Lordship)
  • And more.