• I live in MN
  • I was born on December 25
  • I am Male

About myself in 2012 I'm the kinda person that wish exciting life and danger seeker because of it. I am ambler in every sense of word and risk taker. but I see myself as a person who hate norm of the world and desired a dangerous world filled with excitement.

Powers That I Created in 2012

  1. Character Manipulation My Frist Page on Superpower wiki
  2. Soul Morph My most edited page
  3. Contract Bestowal My Career
  4. Currency Power
  5. Law Manipulation Made after playing FF Tactics
    • Had a lot of help I recall from DYBAD in it's creation.
  6. Neutral Empowerment - I was bored
  7. Malevorous - I was very bored
  8. Over-burst Power - I had very cheesy naming sense back then
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