aka It

  • I live in a hidden cave in the Himalayas
  • I was born on October 27
  • My occupation is Guarding things
  • I am a genderless monster beast thingy
  • Bio My name is It. I am the result of a genetic experiment. I have the DNA of all known creatures inside of me, allowing me to shapeshift into basically creature I can imagine.
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My name is It. I'm a monster created from strands of dna of other monsters. I do have a human form, but I tend not to use it as it makes me feel weak.

My Powers

  • Monster Shifting: I have the ability to shapeshift into any monster in my dna. this includes a Dragon Behemoth, a Giant, and a Leviathan, as well as a human form. I can also combine my different monster forms to create a super monster, but I tend to have difficulty controlling this since there are three different minds that it's made up of.
  • Semi-Immortality: For all intents and purposes, I do not age.
  • Self-Sustenance: I can go for an indefinite period for time without air, water, food, and other things considered essentials for most living things.
  • Supernatural Regeneration: As long as a wound is not fatal, I can regenerate from it withing seconds. This is very useful in my human form, as in that form the only powers I get from is are Enhanced Durability and the ability to teleport to any natural location.
  • Environmental Defiance: I have the ability to completely ignore the effects of my environment, allowing me to travel through places thought to be deadly, such as gas giants like Jupiter or Saturn, even suns if I focus hard enough. This also allows me to ignore powers that affect the environement such as gravity manipulation and earth liquification.
  • Eldritch Transformation: I can transform into an Eldritch in times of great need; however, after I transform back, I must slumber for a few hundred to a few thousand years to recover my strength.
  • Psychic Communication: He can open links to other beings, allowing him to communicate with them.
  • Mental Shield Penetration: He can penetrate any mental shield, allowing him to communicate with them telepathically.

My Weaknesses and Limitations

  • Because of my size in all but my human form, I tend to avoid populated areas since I can't help but cause insane amounts of destruction wherever I go. Since I'm supposed to be a protector, this is against my values.
  • In Leviathan form, I don't have the full scale of powers of a leviathan. Because of this, I do not have Chaos Manipulation or Creation, and instead of Ocean Manipulation I have Water Manipulation.
  • After defeating my enemy while in Eldritch form, I automatically transform back and must find a place to sleep for a few hundred to a few thousand years, depending on how long I was an Eldritch. Only powers at an absolute level and above can awaken me before I'm supposed to awaken.
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