• I live in ...
  • I was born on January 1
  • My occupation is ...
  • I am ...

we got the memes

Things I am

  • An adult
  • An American
  • Male
  • A gamer
    • I prefer FPS/ARPG/Puzzle
  • A supporter of FOSS & Linux
    • I prefer Fedora to Debian
  • An Android user
    • Nexus 6P, no root.

Things I am not

  • Jewish
  • A weeaboo or an otaku (I only like JJBA, tbh)
  • A furry, brony, etc.
  • A roleplayer
  • Homosexual
  • A person who will judge you for being any of the above (except maybe weeaboo, provided you only ever talk about it.)

Things I like

  • This wiki
  • Alphanumeric ordering
  • Editing the "Known Users" sections on #1 to use #2
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
    • Subbed, not dubbed.
  • Editing the references to #4 on #1
  • Grammar
    • The joke of my name is that I'm a bit of a Grammar Nazi.
  • Computers (esp. Desktops)

Things I'm less fond of

  • Roleplay. Used to enjoy it, not so much anymore.
  • People who flaunt homosexuality as the next step in humanity's evolution.
  • Political debate

Things I've learned

  • SageM probably isn't fond of me.
  • Kuo's name is hard to spell, so I'll just call him Kuo.
  • The mods here are cool.
    • I am absolutely going to get banned by one of them.

Things I'd like to see happen

  1. A grammar overhaul of this page
  2. This page being added to the main page of the wiki, since I wasn't able to find it without directly searching for it.
  3. An opportunity for me to create a template. I like templates.
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