Pages to Do:

  • Tangible Fear Manipulation
  • Magnetoception
  • Bio-Magnetism Manipulation
  • Neurohacking

Pages Created:

  1. Schrodinger Embodiment
  2. Immortality Through Cloning
  3. Heat Phasing
  4. Virtual Particle Manipulation
  5. Particle Acceleration
  6. Self-Atomic Manipulation
  7. Self-Particle Manipulation
  8. Disintegration Aura

Some amusing pictures:

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Just so you know what my profile picture says...

Nanite Sign

You've been warned!

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The ultimate notice.

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Nanotech-it's going to be big!

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Mind this sign--it could save your life. Not.

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Hands off the sign.

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I love posting pictures.

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Note the question mark after "Danger".

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