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About me

Shelli Leigh Ingle's a gifted young artist. She also belongs to a family of talented artists. She was born with a disability of speech impairment,that's were her love of painting lets her express herself. She was born in Melrose,ILL. She's the youngest child of Colleen and Terry Ingle,and the younger sister of Justin and Jon,both are talent artists. She moved to Colorado when she was seven in 1995. Since she was little,her brother Jon taught her to draw. She always shown her interest in drawing. When She got older in Elementary school,She became interest in drawing werewolves;and then Pokemon and Digimon. Throughout Middle school,her teachers lets her conutinue with her artwork & insisted to take art class again. She joined High school art club at Thompson Vally where her drawing blossomed into paintings. her friends and family encouraged her to keep 2 moving forward with her painting. That's where she finds her love for faeries. She graduated from Community Connection where teachers're fond of her artwork and let her conutinue to painting. She won three times in the row in I AM ABLE foundation for "Black Raven","Kindred Spirit",& "Bear Hug". Past years,her artwork has evolves as werewolves to Pokemon and Digimon into faeries,dragons and superheroes. A lot of people inspired her artwork. Her some paintings inspired by favorite books and t.v. shows A lot of people inspired her artwork. She shown her emotion through her artwork,and a lot of people inspired her artwork. Now she's still living with her parents in Loveland,CO. She still conutinuing to fill her dream to become a fantasy artist.

My favorite pages

  • Dream Maniputation
  • Time Maniputation
  • Chronolock
  • Animal Mimicry
  • Season Control
  • Power Mimicry
  • Precogniniton
  • Retrocognintion
  • Empathy
  • Menekinesis
  • Ecological Empathy
  • Animal Maniputation
  • Plant Maniputation
  • Immortality
  • Regeneration
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Claw
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