Garfield, the time jumper.

Garfield, the paradox.

My Top 5 Favorite Powers

Top 5 Favorite Abilities
Ranking Ability Reasons
1 Setsuna's Spacial Displacement.png
Spatial Manipulation
2 Utsuro's Immortality.png
Regenerative Healing Factor
3 Accelerator creates a fissure.png
Vector Manipulation
  • Grants an "ultimate defense" by deflecting all attacks.
  • A much more powerful variant of telekinesis.
  • Incredible versatility makes this ability near limitless potential and power.
4 Meisa Breaks and Reloads.png
Nuclear Manipulation
5 Scarlet Phoneme Explain.PNG
Sound Manipulation
  • Creating destructive sound waves for molecular-shattering offense.
  • Moving at speed of sound.
  • Tremendous sound interception and detection.
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