aka Grim Reaper

  • I was born on October 5
  • My occupation is to occupy the Empty Throne.
  • I am the next ruler of the world.

My Favorite Powers

Top 10 Favorite Abilities
Ranking Ability Reasons
1 Spatial Manipulation
2 Time Manipulation
3 Enhanced Regeneration
  • Possess near immortality-level of recovery of bodily damage.
  • Eternal youth by stopping age process, remaining young and at physical peak.
  • Immune to disease, drugs, foreign chemicals and fatigue.
  • Amassed experience, knowledge, and strength will not be lost.
4 Vector Manipulation
  • Grants an "ultimate defense" by deflecting all attacks.
  • Manipulating matter at a molecular/subatomic level, allowing a large and varied range of attacks.
  • Redirect electrical pulses within the brain to hack into the mind.
  • Incredible versatility makes this ability near limitless potential and power.
5 Water Form Manipulation
6 Electromagnetism Manipulation
7 Sound Manipulation
8 Gravity Manipulation
9 Dark Matter Manipulation
10 Telekinesis
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