Hello! I'm Jess.

I'm not a prolific editor at all. For me, wikia is one of those 'sometimes' activities that take the backseat. Even if this is the case, I'm trying my best to learn about the ins and outs of good web design, interesting features, and how to make wikis look pretty.


ーWikis I Wiki Onー

Powerlisting ℈ B. Crat (Semiactive)
Mythology ℈ B. Crat (Inactive)
Fictional Templates ℈ Adm. (Inactive)

ーCool Wikisー

They're all cool tho

For Administration (OUTDATED)

If you're here, I have most likely told you myself that you should come here to grab something. Here are some important links that you will need in order to adjust things on the wiki. I attempt to code things in the most robust way, and that involves using numerous editable templates rather than hard-coding content into pages.

  • Wiki Rules. Each "rule" is in its own template and can be edited. No coding adjustments are required. All you have to know is which rule section you are editing.
    • Rule 1 - General (Wiki Conduct)
    • Rule 2 - Content Interaction (Editing)
    • Rule 3 - User Interaction (Behavior)
    • Rule 4 - Staff Conduct (Behavior)
    • Rule 5 - Attacking the Wiki (i.e. Vandalism, War Clause)
    • Rule 6 - Rank Parity (Discord/Wiki Interaction)
  • The front page is comprised of two fairly heavily coded templates. Access these in the event that you need to fix a critical usage error. Otherwise, please request changes in on my talk page.
  • The Navbox is a work-in-progress template that attempts to improve navigation on the site, similar to Wikipedia's Navboxes. The problem? I don't know how to make one.
    • On top of Navbox, there is a prototype that can be found in Series.
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