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    Paradox Embodiment

    September 9, 2019 by AZS


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    Peri Physiology

    September 8, 2019 by AZS

    The power to use abilities of peris. Variation of Fairy Physiology and Genie Physiology

    • Peri Mimicry

    The User with this power either is or can transform into peri

    • Disguise Mastery
    • Invisibility
    • Love Inducement
    • Wing Manifestation
    • Sexual Inducement
    • Supernatural Beauty

    • Multiple Arms
    • Vice Inducement
    • Virtue Inducement

    • Angel Physiology
      • Erogelic Physiology
      • Fallen Angel Physiology
    • Ascended Physiology
    • Demon Physiology (especially daevas)
      • Ascended Demon Physiology
      • Succubus Physiology
    • Fallen Physiology
    • Genie Physiology
    • Houri Physiology
    • Fairy Physiology
    • Zoroastrian Deity Physiology

    • Peri (Persian Folklore)
    • Peri (Shahnameh)
    • Peri (Sufi Mythology)
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    Magical Smoke Manipulation

    September 8, 2019 by AZS

    The ability to manipulate magical smoke. Variation of Smoke Manipulation, not to be confused with Smoke Magic.

    • Genie Smoke Manipulation
    • Magical Smoke Control

    User can create, shape and manipulate magical smoke, use it for grant other wishes, control magic and different type of smokes

    • Aura Generation
    • Blindness Inducement
    • Color Manipulation for smokes only
    • Esoteric Smoke Manipulation
    • Genie Magic
      • Smoke Magic
      • Wish Granting
    • Light Generation
    • Typho-Telekinesis By magical Smoke.
      • Matter Surfing using magical smoke.
      • Typhokinetic Flight riding magical smoke.
    • Typhokinetic Constructs
    • Weather Generation

    • Magical Smoke Absorption
    • Magical Smoke Aura
    • Magical Smoke Empowerment
    • Magical Smoke Healing
    • Magical Smoke Mimicry
    • Magical Smoke Portal Creation
    • Magical Smoke Regeneration
    • Magica…

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    Nymph Manipulation

    September 7, 2019 by AZS

    The power to manipulate Nymphs. Variation of Mythic Manipulation

    • Nymph Control/Influence

    User can create, manipulate, and destroy the Nymphs. They control them to do their bidding like, help them during situations, use them against foes, use them to see locations and get information about a particular place, use them for battle, use them for spying on others. User can also understand or communicate with them, hence creating and strengthening friendships.

    • Empathy - to understand/feel nymphs emotions.
    • Mind Control - to control nymphs.
    • Mind Link - to have a bond with nymphs.
    • Sensory Scrying - to perceive through nymphs senses.
    • Summoning - to summon nymphs.
    • Taming - to tame nymphs.

    • Nymph Physiology - constant physical/mental bond may allow user to adapt …

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    Semitus Physiology

    September 4, 2019 by AZS

    The power to use abilities of spiritual hybrid.. Variation of Hybrid Physiology and Spirit Physiology.

    • Demi/Half Ghost/Phantom/Poltergeist/Revenant/Spectre/Spirit/Wraith
    • Homo Spiritus Physiology (Human Only)
    • Semi-Spiritus Physiology

    The User either is or can become hybrid of solid being and any spectral being (such as ghosts, poltergeists, wraith and revenant. Most User become hybrid by Modification, Empowerment and Mutation, but it is possible to be natural hybrid

    The Name Seritus is Combine of Semi and Spiritus which meaning Demi-Spirit in Latin

    • Corporealization
    • Enhanced/Supernatural Intelligence
    • Ghost Mode
    • Intangibility
    • Invisibility/Supernatural Concealment
    • Object Possession
    • Spiritual Force Manipulation
      • Spiritual Element Manipulation
    • Partial Invisibi…

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