The power to have absolute Lordship, Transcendence and Divinity as one single united force. Variation of Omnipotence and Trinity Force.

Also Called

  • Triplicity
  • Absolute/Real/True/Ultimate Godhood/Godhead
  • Trinity Deity/God/Goddess Mimicry/Physiology


The user has the ability to use the combined forces of Lordship, Divinity, and Transcendence, achieving a state of absolute power.

In Monotheistic religion (especially Islam and Judaism) these are real requirements for godhood which applied only to One God/s (Allah/Yehweh).

in christianity this power known as form of trinity since each of the Holy Trinity members, each have one signature power that works exclusively on them (Omnipresence, Omniscience, to Omnipotence)

Applications (General)

Applications (Examples)





Known Users

  • God/Yehweh/Allah (Abrahimic Religion)
  • Para Brahman (Hindu Mythology)
  • El (Canaanite Mythology)
  • Aten (Egyptian Mythology); during Pharaoh Akhenaten's rule.
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