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Shisei Yugami

:Shisei Yugami

Alias:Seth Jerald, Monster Without a Name,Semot Mishlei

Archtypes:The Anti-Nihilist,Knight in Sour Armor,The Gadfly,Earn Your Happy Ending,Good Feels Good

Birthday:September 23rd

Hobbies:Video Games,World Traveling,Tarot Reading,Internet Surfing,Trolling

Occupation:Former Crimelord,Mercenary,Reality Explorer

Motto:"Destiny has been crushed and Fate's been altered."

Quotes:"The puppet can't move without the puppeteer and I control the strings."

"There will be no mistakes....There will be none of your CRAP!"

"I only pursue for my selfish pleasure, your only a tool I need to gain it."

"I made many mistakes,it's about time I recertify a couple of them at least."


Dislikes:Idiots,Omnicidal Maniacs,Naive Heroism

Alignment:Chaotic Neutral/Good (Depending)

Hobbies:Planning,Occasionally helping,Being a likable prick.


Ability:Meta Probability Manipulation/Personal Probability Manipulation when restrained.

Preferred Sub-Abilities:

  • Weapon Arsenal:Because why not use something from a wall of ways to kill? Or you can launch them like rockets.
  • Bullet Hell:Endless barrage of fire with limitless range and projectiles,usually mixes this with above.
  • Energy Manipulation:Using energy of all types,magical,ethereal,physical,a good tool to use for alotta things.
  • Teleportation:Rapid version preferred,mixing this with fast CQC is efficient and stylish.
  • Supernatural Condition:Physically a natural at everything? Yes,especially for effective weapon play.
  • Telepathy:Communication is now no hassle.


A person that went from nobody to nightmare so to speak,the Source Code used to birth Aegis Forte, and one that unluckily housed a eldritch abomination. He had a troubling childhood, mainly due to the "bad luck" and "misfortune" he was said to spread as a kid, leading to stoning,bullying,and even attempted murder from some. It led to it's peak with religious fantics attempted to murder his parents and him to "cleanse" them, this catalyzed him to cynicism,disillusioning him, and running to Aliter City,a place for abnormals and a future home for him.

In Aliter City,he was taken in somewhere,but it unknown. He realized his abilities at a young age and combat training shortly following afterwards to survive in both streets and formal public,getting his first kill at 7. Gaining power through assasination and murder of crimelords and gaining resources,personnel,or both from said dead leaders. Time passed and he was a major wanted person of the law,yet the public is unaware of his face.

This is where things turn. After bumping into a person in need of help he initially acknowledged the hand for favors in the future,but,after seeing a reliefed smile on the saved individual,he felt a tinge of pleasure and joy from that small look wondering why he felt it in the first place.After that event,and keeping said person as a freeloader, he gradually realized what caused that pleasure and soon went out for that piece of joy like a drug addict.

This lead to him going out of his normal character to help,comfort,or save others for that little pleasure and consenquently,interact with actually normal people,leading to him mellowing out of the cynical shell he once had and having slightly more human morality,though not without tragedy and harsh things along the way. The events he took were, beating the strongest in Aliter City,Becoming a (Anti)Hero in WWIII,defeating a god and befriending said god,and at one point, facing the world and ending said world....before rebuilding it back up. He is currently a well known figure now these days,both in the public and the dark side of it.

General Info


Shisei is...a complex person. He was initially cynical, if not outright pessimistic,but of course he mellowed out. Though it best be stated is, he's selfish. He is only in it for the joy and smile one displays and gives out blissfully and truthfully for the pleasure he feels about it, not the person's wellbeing in question, it's best to summerize in, he'll help you to make himself feel better,not so you can be saved. A selfish deconstruction of "I'm happy if your happy" cliche and him having a very distorted morality of life. This leads to him lieing to make people die happy and,even one time dillusion a couple children into a blissful sleep.

He is not to mention,manipulative,coniving,and almost always has a ultieror motive. It's not off to call him a snake, a benificial snake,but a snake nontheless, and despite him mellowing out, he is still a bit of a cynic in the end,also being a anti-nihilist. While he did gain many friends in the events he involved in for the feeling of joy and pleasure, it's only due to circumstance and the fact that those he met are able to tolerate and pry him. He is also a major deadpan snarker and sarcastic beyond salvation to boot with him also hating naive idealists with such passion.

Though while he is selfish,manipulative,and dark a good chunk of the times, he is not irredeemable. While it is true his method and care for pleasure is selfish,one should be grateful such method for joy even exists. He outright pities Omnicidal Maniacs for their sole inability to comprhend anything but chaos and sick joy for destruction. And there are times he shows genuine kindness for others, mainly people he knows. Doesn't excuse him for being a jackass though.


Shisei's normal reaction and general expressions to almost everything is usually one or more of the following; Indifference,Sarcasm,Lazyness,or Cynicism. A bit anti-social and rude, followed up with deadpan and black humor, he's one of those high stress,high reward types of people you meet. Though if you get to know him and (most likely after) befriend him,you find out,he actually is not as bad as you think. He honestly cares about people he deeply knows and is capable of and even sometimes willing to motivate others,and for those he calls friend,actually looks out for their safety. The negative side is no doubt from the traumatic baggage but we digress. Cold outside and Kind inside, he would be what japanese otakus call "Tsundere".


Shisei's lifestyle is.....both odd and comparable in some regards. Due to his,pretty much omnipotent powers,he is a minimalist in the use of his powers in abilities in his travels and by extension,his life,due to both extending the action and preferring style over efficiency when it doesn't involve that much in terms of something crucial like survival or world's fate and finding his personal joys along the way of course

Outside of fighting,he is usually known to cross the multiverse and find interesting things,whether it be people,objects,or events that have caught his eye. Other times,he takes his direct intervention of a world's way of events and make a new timeline all together along the way for a "truly happy ending". In rare cases, he takes people on ventures across the multiverse for the sake of their smiles and amazement or their shock and embarassment for his own amusement.

Always moving and usually blunt in terms of his words, Shisei Yugami is definitely a odd one.

Recorded Report:

06/22/X9 That Day to Move On.

After going through one of the most insane events of his life,ending his home world out after combatting it. Shisei realized just how powerful and how far his potential can go,infinitely.

Sure he had known from multiple past events that he was capable of mass destruction from previous events and incidents,but this was,to him,a completely different level. With how easily he ended his home,it gave him a tinge of fear,fear for his friends and those he'll make.

It didn't take him a long time to revert the world back to it's original state,actually it was fast as a single thought. So after getting that fiasco out of the way, and saying goodbye to everyone he has met,except for his enemies,cause he either can't find them know,dead. He left that reality,just to make sure everyone he remembers won't die by his hands again (for now at least).

It ended up with the poor (selfish) boy going through worlds of the morbid,bizarre,awesome,tragic,diabetes inducing,or all combined...somehow. After what seemed like decades when it was actually two years earth time,Shisei decided to get a sorta inn from RPGs to keep coming back to,then he face planted in Orbis Memoria.

He set up a (albeit somewhat large) complex for himself to comeback to for...sleep and a roof every time he got tired or was done for that day in earth time. Also, did we forget to mention he set up a small yet rising buisness? No? Well he did.

Another world he passed by was a place called Selforge City though he just watched it from a one-way portal,considering it's odd female only policy and yes,Shisei looks at reality policies,he doesn't want to get maimed or mauled...again.

After alot of other worlds,he is still traveling, with the memories of his friends and the ones he newly made along his travels,it's unlikely he is going to stop for a while.

Unknown Time;A Awkward Situation

" I need something to do right now.",the voice was identified as Shisei's,currently sitting in a black void with "windows" leading to and showing different worlds and it's major events

The young boy can only slump on a materialized couch with a soft thud,"Man,things are just getting more dull by the day,maybe I should go reality traveling again,maybe to Rieze Maxia,or to 2fort,hey even finally try"

It was then the person known as Shisei Yugami in all his long life felt a tug. Not a literal tug,but a metaphorical one,the feeling of being pulled out of the world they reside in. Then a voice is heard in the boy's head or what seems to be the entire void,"I hearby swear..."

Thought were going through the eternal 19 year old's head one include such, "'How is a event like this happening right now?'" Then the unidentified voice continued,"That I shall be all the good in the world..." what now can be indentified to be a chant to him,Shisei started to panic when he put two and two together,"A summoning chant? Why? How can it reach this far? Wait this can't be the aria for that, can it?"

The chant seemed to have finished with this proceeding line,"That I shall defeat...all the evil in this world!"

Light began to spread around the boy in a almost blinding manner, with his final thoughts before his summons running faster than light,know just what he is being summoned for.

"Wait but I'm not dea- wait I placed myself with Quantum Uncertainty,a place of both life and death I guess that technically counts,but I don't even-oh of course,my fame in my earth I guess that can count by itself,well that's just great." the next line of his mind put his situation eloquently "Fuck"

That was when massive amounts of information began running and engraving themselves in Shisei's head,information of magi, information of beings called Servants, information on tools called Noble Phantasms, Information on a event called The Holy Grail War.

That was when counciousness finally caught up to him and his first visage being a man in all black with a trench coat, a very old looking man with high-class robes a little behind,and a white-haired with pale skin woman off to the very left of his periphial vision.

Before he can think coherently,He first spoke words

"I am Servant Saber, I ask of you, are you my Master?"

The man nearest to him seemed to contort his face into...slight disappointment? Shock? It was hard to tell.

Shisei's next actions were almost automatic when he sees a mark on the man in black's right hand and hearing a blunt "Yes" from him as well

"Then the contract is complete." the boy said.

The old man sitting in the back of the place Shisei can now identify as...some sort of castle/cathedral hybrid, whispered to the man in black what can be audible to "We need to discuss about this Kiritsugu",Ah yes the names,Shisei Yugami,Mr.Smartass forgot about the names of his master.

The boy was soon commanded to follow Kiritsugu,as the man in the trenchcoat was called,with the formers thoughts on other things than whats going on.

"Dag nabbit,I didn't want a part of anything like this." That was when possible ways of the string of events that was now identified as the 4th Holy Grail War could have unfolded in the Master of Probabilities' head,giving him events of tragedy from many of the possible ways this battle royal can be resolved,especially the "original" timeline.

"Though...maybe we can truly reach a happy ending,atleast in this one...with a new piece on the board.Let's see how brighter our future is now,eh? Kiritsugu Emiya? I'll give you my full assistance for a "World of Peace". Were the selfish boy known as Shisei Yugami's second thoughts after this small line of events.

Servant Status Sheet

Servant Saber

True Identity: Shisei Yugami


  • Strength:B
  • Endurance:C
  • Agility:B
  • Mana:A
  • Luck:B (A+*)
  • Noble Phantasm:EX

Class Skills:

  • Independant Action:A+ (Servant is capable of lasting indefinitely even without a master,but for use of a noble phantasm,extra prana is required from a alternate source.)
  • Magic Resistance:B (Cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for him to be affected.)

Personal Skills:

  • Battle Continuation:A (Servant is able to fight,even with deadly injuries and can even survive as long as they don't recieve a decisive fatal wound.)
  • Pioneer of the Stars:A (Shisei has defeated a god,became a hero of WWIII, and even became an enemy of the world at one point.)
  • Eye of the Mind True:B (Constant involvment into combat,especially at a young age, has caused Shisei to learn to calmly analyze a situation and react accordingly and effectively.)
  • Military Tactics:C (Shisei has effectively lead groups of combantants ranging from armed crime factions to actual soldiers in well strategic manner.)
  • Mystic Eyes:EX (Shisei is able to visualize possible events in the immediate or distant future ordered from highest probability to the lowest.)
  • Eternal Arms Mastership:C (Shisei's constant use of his preferred weapons has eventually caused to learn him complete control in those weapon catagories)

Noble Phantasms:

  • *Conquerer's Legacy,The Blade that Will Forever Continue(A+) Anti-Fortress;A blade that has been crystalized from the desires of many to reach their dreams,this blade is forged for the sole purpose for "seizing goals". Allowing the user in raise of their luck stat,and able to rip the fabrics of reality briefly when unleashed,all for in user's favor. While it is in Saber's possession, it does not belong truly to anyone known so far,and thus Saber hasn't unlocked it's true capabilities.
  • Gungnir (Replica) Imitation of the Precise Spear(B) Anti Unit;While it is replica of the original,it still functions like the original,perfectly hitting the target.Initially created to be on the levels of gods,it has lost it's role due to it's taxing cost of usage. A weapon with a high prana cost yet a high reward. It can hit a target from anywhere,even in other dimensions easily,though unlike it's original it does not give the user any sort of enhancement or abilities.
  • Res Ipsa,Gloria mundi ego elegi (EX) Anti-Reality;Despite it's image as a double-edged sword,it is something more. The sea of endless possibilities. All contained in a void within the sword,incomprehensible in our defined world,it swallows all it is aimed towards in that endless abyss turning them into "what could have" with no victor or loser decided as the oppisition only lost all it "could've been".When destroyed however,this allows Shisei to warp the world as is in his normal human life, losing all benifits as a servant and returning to a normal person. It is not a weapon that defeats opponents without flaw,it is a weapon with no opponent at all.

??/??/90s Odding out the Awkwardness

There was much to say about the aftermath, though if there was one thing that Saber can say is that, his current companion is quiet the optimist...and talker. He checked through so much of the possible events of the war that was to come,and it was surprising to see her,Irisviel von Einzburn she was identified as, to almost never shake from that childish view of everything will be better. But that was not what got his attention right now.

It was the fact that he can't openly warp reality.

Saber;Shisei Yugami can't use his cheat card. Of course he can bless luck or curse with jinx,open a void to his endless arsenal of weapons,or even teleport and small things like that,but that's as far he believes he can go. He needs to actually try in this war. And that mysteriously excites him a bit. That was when he returned his attention to a childish person of a wife and mother.

"So what were you in life? A legendary warrior? A unrivaled tactician? C'mon please give me a hint."

If he were any lesser man,Saber would have gone crazy from the sheer bombardment of questions,though since he is not,he could only smile and say two words.

"A Savior"


If one were to ask what would Kiritsugu do if he found his daughter with a older individual is to get all the records on that person,but not before arming himself with his Thompson Contender and Calico M950. The only reason he is not doing exactly that right now is because his daughter has taken a strong likely to said fellow...and to a lesser degree it was his servant for the war.

Kiritsugu Emiya was many things,a assassin,a magus,but a loving father among all else. While he makes no secret of his works to his child, for any question she asked he answered to the best of his abilities. He may color the truth with a suitable diversion,but never would he outright lie to his daughter.

Except for where babies comes from.

That was for when Illya was older.

Much older.

For now,Kiritsugu had to deal with his daughter being in weapons reach of Saber. Servant or not,the only reason the father known as Kiritsugu Emiya is not making use of his familial magic of time accleration to beat said servant to a skinned rug is because said person of legend is not taking any act of aggression or even was he in a posture of aggression.

It has nothing to do with Kiritsugu loving the laughs of his daughter as much as his wife.

Nope. Not at all.

Hero and child suddenly stopped their playing and turned to him. One with a smile under vivid red eyes and the former with an indifferent look,but upon closer inspection,it was a child's grin threatening to make it's appearance.

"Papa!" Illysviel waved alongside her new found friend she nicknamed "Glück" Kiritsugu's heart ached at the calling for how rarely he heard it uttered from the lips of his own child. Few though the man's interactions were with Illaysviel, old man Acht made it quite clear that he would not abide by any other utterance than the name of his son-in-law from her lips. Only when she was well and truly happy as to throw aside her abidance to Jubstacheit's command would Illyasviel ever call him "Papa".

Within a blink, Illya was within arm's reach and vanished just as fast after she barely touched her father's black coat,appearing behind Saber.

"Tag! Your it papa! Catch us if you can!" and with a happy laugh from the servant and child pair,they went into the snowy woods.

The last thing Kiritsugu saw before chasing was Saber's smug grin.


Iriesviel could only sigh as of now. She knew for a fact that there would be no viable explanation to satisfy and appease Kiritsugu. It'd be no short of a miracle if any of those goals were accomplished with the wrench thrown into his plans. That wrench is now sitting beside her in the form of her daughter,looking properly contrite if not for the fact a childish smile threatened her face for the fact she is visiting her father's home country.

Sitting oppisite to them was Saber clothed in a formfitting suit almost completely black if not for the under shirt which is red with a fedora covering his snow grey hair. She had no doubt that he had help in her daughter's infiltration onto the flight, Though she was remarkably smart for her age, Irisiviel sincerely doubted that her daughter had inherited enough of her father's skills to escape the Einzbern estates and sneak her way aboard the plane without her or the servant homunculi being none the wiser.

She should have follwed through her suspicions when she noticed the Servants face turn to mild surprise before settling with a smile after a odd thump. Irisviel should have sent her daughter back with one of the servants straightaway, the Holy Grail War being no place for a child but…

"There's so many people, mama!" chirped Ilya in her native German, not quite fluent in her Japanese beyond certain words. "Papa never said that Japan had so many people!"

She had not once ever heard her daughter call Kiritsugu "papa". Not since the first time when Grandfather had heard her utter the word as a baby and, following a private conversation behind locked doors, Illyasviel never again referred to her father as anything more than Kiritsugu even in the privacy of just her parents.

Much as she would tell Kiritsugu and lie to herself otherwise, Irisviel knew that these next few weeks to come would indeed be her last on this Earth and perhaps it was human selfishness that made her desire the company of her daughter to be by her and her husband's side both she bade them both goodbye for a better, safer world.

Irisviel couldn't hide her own smile as she agreed, "Yes it is a lively place." Hearing this as a silent permission to see more than what she currently could, Ilya scrunched her face up against the window and giggled when her mother's hair fell across her like a veil as Irisviel did the same above her.

The Servant let on a saddened smile before voicing his own thoughts. "Be selfish if you wish,it's only fair to be with those you care about on your final days, and for the record I'm not apologizing for Illya sneaking on,not my fault she's too cute."

Irisviel could only laugh at that.

"Is papa here?" was here daughter's innocent question.

Hiding a wince that which she knew would be a horrible falling out between Servant and Master, Irisviel replied, "Yes,he got here about twelve hours earlier ,but don't worry,he'll find us before long." Much sooner when he finds you here,my angel. "It's rare for any Einzbern to leave Germany so we should enjoy Japan as long as we can.

Saber then tapped the glass between him and the driver.

At the unspoken request, the driver pulled to the side and the Saber stepped out through his side of the car before opening the door for the ladies Einzbern and holding both his hands out to them with his usual smile before speaking,

"Madam and Princess."

Ilya blushed and giggled helplessly as she took the Saber's hands in both her own, positively enamored with the physically nineteen year old Servant much to her mother's amusement. Irisviel herself hesitated for all of three seconds before throwing whatever caution she had to the wind and took the Saber's open hand and stepped daintily out of the car after her daughter. After all, she thought,it's not like Kiritsugu can get anymore angry.


"The equipment requested has arrived.",said Maiya though Kiritsugu could plainly see that for himself with said equipment laid out across one of the two beds in his apprentice's hotel room. Guns and ammunition the likes of which should have tripped a lot of red flags in national security but Maiya was the second best there was at what she did. He would know.

He was after all,the first.

Currently,things were going as planned. For a brief second,Kiritsugu played with the thought of wrenches being thrown into his works,but brushed it off like old dust,He was not one for childish superstitions.

"Madam and Saber have arrived and making their way to the city..." He turned at the blatant notice of hesitation in her voice and soon on her face. She soon sunk to deep lack of emotion uttering the next line, "Illyasviel is also with them."

Kiritsugu Emiya blinked, his eyes now widened the most ever since his loss of innocence oh so many years ago.


Blinking again,his dark eyes narrowed the slightest millimeter


A third blink and he realized Maiya was looking at him abnormally, no it was actually to his right hand. Glancing down to the direction of her view, was when Kiritsugu realized his customized Thompson Contender firmly in his grip,not to mention he couldn't explain how it got there, especially noting how it was securely locked in a case with Maiya whom has yet to show it's presence to him. All he knew at that moment, was that never did it feel right in his hands.

Combat Records and Info:

Fighting Style:

Shisei's fighting style is varied from situation to situation,no doubt due to it's nessecary requirements in his survival outside the public. He is well known to be a bit of a crackshot with single-shot firearms and even accurate with automatics,though which is picked is dependant on the situation. He has also learned average CQC and training in melee weapons which is his most preferred type. Preferably any type of sharp one with short to mid range. Whether it be knives and daggers or swords and axes. He usually restrains from using his ability to much, preferring skill and stratagy over power and complete force due to his ego and "to be at the level with the newbies.".

Though when push comes to shove,he will use his powers without restraint or mercy to completely annihilate opponents. With methods ranging from ripping apart the fabrics and laws of realities,summoning aliens and monsters to do his bidding,or something flashy as a laser spam of a rain show. Though with the practice since a young age,he is no doubt able to use his power tactically and stratigically, though it is noted that records seem to show his raw power is slightly weaker than his "successor", Aegis.

At full force,however,Shisei is evidently nothing short of Omnipotent or at least Nigh-Omnipotent,with him throwing Big Bangs,Black Holes,and others of Grand Scale Phenomena/Variables like candy and coupled Narrative Causality in the mix,he is absolutely without equal. Though he is never recorded using to his completely full extent or if he ever did go so far at all.


  • M16A4 (modified with 7.62x51mm calibur and M203 underslung 40mm Grenade Launcher)
  • GLOCK 35 (.40 S&W Ver., .357 SiG bullets,20 cartridge magazine,and Tritium Night Sights)
  • Barrett M82 .50 Cal (.50 BMG 12.7x99mm)

    Conquerer's Legacy

  • SPAS-12 Shotgun (12 gauge 2 3/4 inch shells)
  • Gungnir (Copy)
  • Ninjato Japanese Sword (24 inch)
  • Tactical Military Knife (7 inches)
  • Conquerer's Legacy (Nodachi Type Sword)


  • Raised Railing (Shisei raises the chances of his or a designated person's success,regardless of situation:Luck Bestowal)
  • Schrodinger's Effect (Shisei or a designated target's state is between/both of life and death thus making them immortal:Quantum Uncertainty)
  • Endless Spiral (Causes a small event to lead with several events that can either be designated by Shisei or decided with life to deal with:Domino Effect/Butterfly Effect)
  • Windows of Fortune (Shisei opens a immersable view of a controlled amount of possible outcomes,pasts,events,etc.:Alternate Reality Traveling)
  • Head of a Unknown (Shisei summons a limb of the eldritch abomination that is sealed inside him, which said limb also turns out to be a dragon's head and neck....and distort reality:Summoning)
  • Realized Fantasy (Shisei allows his or someone else's personal dreams to become real with raiseing that specific probability to 100%;Wish Granting)
  • Without Mistake:Shisei alters the outcome or likelihood of an event and maximizes it for him to do things his way without microerror;Absolute Command)
  • A Life Never Lived (Shisei traces or summons a alternate version of himeself, if its the latter he copies the alternates,physical form,memories,and powers for as long as he deems necessary;Alternate-Self Absorption/Alternate-Self Summoning)
  • Reset Trigger:(Shisei causes an event to restart the world;Big Bang Inducement)
  • Save State:(Shisei restarts from a certain point in time,that point needs to be either saved beforehand or can be remembered in minute detail;Temporal Reload)
  • Endless Places:(Shisei is allowed to go to any destination desired,anywhere,anytime;Meta Teleportation)
  • Repeating Past,No Future:(Shisei is allowed to any designated target regardless of what it is,in repeat with designated time span;Temporal Looping)

Mystic Artes

  • Fell Arms:(Shisei summons a multitude of the Eldritch Abominations limbs to devour his oppnents and enemies without flaw and with complete destruction;Summoning)
  • Finality:(Shisei ends everything and breaks the fourth wall;Game Over)
  • Singular Truth:(Shisei chooses on possible timeline/universe and validates it as the one true reality;Reality Selection)

(Former) Home City:

Aliter City:


Aliter City (Night)

A city full of the supernatural,though even more so on the scientific terms. With technology and knowledge far surpassing all the global superpowers combined, it is a place far ahead of it's time. Going and entering into one of it's educational systems are a almost gurantee in success of your future career as an example. It also have those with supernatural powers or seemingly inhuman capabilities to a point that if something is considered "weird" in Aliter City, then that has to be completely over the top. Though it's not without it's darkside. With that of gangs picking on the wealthy,illegal traficking of material,and child/human expirimentation. All of it playing a part in Aliter's advancment.

Military and Law Enforcement:As stated, Aliter city is a place of advancement,due to that,military power is limited in numbers with roughly a couple thousand compared to a countries' millions,but make up for it in technology and power with devices of such that can warp objects,project forcefields,and even with their own batch of ability users.


Class C

Class C

Ability:Peak Human Condition

Despite being lowest of the low in ranks,these are seemingly Spec Ops or Navy SEALs in comparison to most soldiers. Though the limiting factor is their equipment is lined with normal standard issues and very little new advanced toys.

Soldiers guns marine science fiction mercenary tactical armored suit danny luvisi 1100x1320 wallp 7

Class B

Class B

Ability:Enhanced Condition

Higher rank,better equipment,these are the average joes of Aliter City,though they are capable of much more than their Class C counterparts, with more training,and more access to the fun equipment.

Generic sci fi soldier by ilmarinenn-d713nou

Class A

Class A

Ability:Supernatural Condition

Great for pretty much everything,pretty much a high-time military group of the future. Equipped well and have access to most if not all of the hyper-advanced tools in Aliter City,they are not to be screwed with.


Class S

Class S

Ability:Absolute Condition

Class As would be the best of the best,if not for these guys. They are the most skilled,intelligent,and physically strong of what Aliter has to offer. Coupled with hyper-advanced tech and equipment, and you've got a nigh-unstoppable force, the true best of the best.




Ability:Weapon Arsenal

The first of many advancements in the field of automaton warfare. Able to do normal soldiers' duties and even better,of course not without it's own limits. Armed to the teeth with missles,lasers,guns,and more with even proficient CQC,it's a menace to all it's targets.




Ability:Bullet Hell

Due to the Behemoth's seemingly slow mobility,many engineers decided to give it wings,turbines and engines to be precise. Equipped with railcannons,missles,and the lot and being quick and deadly,one wouldn't be able to see them before they are already dead.





Masters and users of a teleportational device,making them deadly combatants of high speed,their armor however requires the user under a certain weight limit,therefore limiting them to CQC weapons and certain firearms.




Ability:Bionic Physiology

A weapon that is a total juggernaut with the surprising fact of still retaining quick mobility, being powerful both defensively and offensively. It's alloy and it's experimental shielding makes it impervious to pretty much everything,even a nuke,Making fighting this thing a stupid idea. Combine that with it's mass array of firepower,makes this an instant win soldier.


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Alignment:Lawful Good


The first person Shisei saved in his life and the only freeloader in his house. She was the one that let him find out his means of pleasure in life,leading to him being wholelly thankful to her. Gladious is a person and a tool for the church as she holds knowledge of almost all spells,rituals,etc.,leading to her being chased down and meeting previously stated savior. Her personality is a shy yet happy attitude....a complete shrinking violet. Though it is noted she doesn't like talking about her past.

Eight Dragons Design (Kiya Shii)



Alignment:True Neutral

Ability:U̸̲̩̗̘̟̥̦͙͊̅͛̐̎ͮ̿̎ͦ͠n̰̝̣̲͙ͦͮ̽̾̋̎͂̕ͅk̡̹͎͓͚̤̝̺̈ͨ́͞n̻ͩ͐ͪ̓ͣo̎ͩ̑҉̞̙͈͔̞̠̕w̤̠̳͕̜̳̠̜̦͌́͑͗ͮͨ̕͟n̙̼͇̓̍̇̃̐ͬ̎̅̀͢.̨̐̐͏̖͔̻̲̮͉̤̻.̱̬ͤ̌̂̓ͅ.̱͂͒̇̆ͤ̒͌̈́I̙̱̅̉̊͊n͍̣͓̦͙̜̽̓̄̂͗ͣͬ̀̕d̴͈̘̾̇̾͊̅͆ͤ́e̢̛̛̩͍̥͔̲ͣ̿ͦ̍ͧͮs̗̞̫͈͕̽̃̓̈͒̏̎̐͟͜c̟͕͚̾r͔̭͎͇͇̲͇̈̔ͥͯ͒͐͂̕i̘̫̦̹͖̪͓͆ͦ̄̌b̨̬̘̥͚̘͉̬̄̕a̞̰͇̪͚̻ͣ̔͒ͮ̈̽ͣ̒́͝ͅb͉̪̻͇̞̀̏͛̑̅̓ͯ̕ļ̴̳̤̜̟͕͙̥ͮͨ̎̀ͅȩ̳͕̗̤̄ͦ̀.̞͎͚̤͎̿̊̊̅̓̊̅.̤̞̺͍͉̎̿͗͒ͭ͌́̕.͎͎ͩ̊̐ͮ̍͡.͉̞̻͖̭͇̓̌͊͊͊̓ͯF̳̜̎ͭ̽͊̈͠ơ̺̪͈ͤ̓̆̓̅͜͡u̷̞͈̗̻̗̫̫ͮͩ̕̕ȓ̛̦͕̼̮̂͗ͮ̈̕t͉̮̼̗̹̦̱̂ͯ͑̔̍͢͢ḣ͍̟̠̻̻̣̬͂͐̀̑ͯ̑͞ ́҉͇̼͚͍̳̯̮w̬̦̻̣̲̘̻͑͛ͨͣ͂ͣ̓͡͡ͅå̶̤̓͋̐̏̚͞ḻ̵̩̗͐̐ͫ̑̀͢lͮ̒͛͒ͫ͏̞̤̗̙͙̦͖̗̙ ̬͍̞̳̬̱̼̯͉ͪ̈́ͬ̓ͮb͉̮̋ͨ̓̔̊ͣ̈̀͞r͓̖̩͚͇̣̼ͦ̒ͪ̅ͅo̢̜͕̱̪̯͌̈́̌̋̒̊̒͞k͉̝͈̝̟ͩͪ̌͐̈͑͌͟ę̼̱̯̯̹̟̙́̐̃ͧ̚n̼͉̘̮̤̖͙̥̋.̴̮̜̳͎͍̟̋ͨͮ̾͜.̶̵̞̬̮͓̫͕̭͊̈́̈̽ͬͯ̓.̼͚̹̑̋͋́̀.̴̢̖̻ͪ̾̈̓ͪͅn̵̻̻̘̜͚̗͙̗ͩ͗͑͡o͒͏̨̤̙t̨̫̲̭̜̂̓ͭͣ̔ͤͨ͢ ̶̨̟̩ͧ͛͟ş̮͔̻̦̇͟͠ͅḁ̷̯͎̯͔͕̳̭̒̃ͯ͐ͮ̚f̴͈̗͍ͩ̓͊̒͆̇͠ͅê̴͔̖̏̒͊́̂̌̓ͥ͞.̢ͦ͆ͯ͛̆̃҉̦̫̙̖.̵̈́̍̒͡͏̙̱.ͪ̃̀̒͛ͭ͛ͫ҉̟̝͝

The eldritch....thing that is housed inside Shisei. Personally called by the houser "That guy,dragon,thing that does nothing and only moves when he feels like it....or you give someone for him to almost kill." It is unknown of why it's in a human's body or what it's motives are, though it is to keep in check that it's beyond comprehension. But currently it is of no threat so threat level will currently remain low.

Thor Toaru

Joshua O'Brian

Joshua O'Brian

Alignment:Chaotic Neutral

Ability:Electric Field Manipulation

A seemingly normal individual,minus the fact that he was one of the few minds who raided against some of the wealthy and higher ups in Aliter City joined in with the Libera Group,which fell more along the lines of a small resistance than any gang. Shisei was assigned by a client to take him out,and this caused a bit of speedchess in strategy and Xanatos Gambits to magnificent levels. Until the Assassin got punched in the face. Things got off rocky and Shisei ended up turning on his client,murdering him,and yoinking the money anyways. Joshua and Shisei are pretty much Vitriolic Buds at this point though,to the point they honestly trust one another

King Nachtigal I. Fan

Inaris Gillian

Inaris Gillian

Alignment:Lawful Neutral


The current overseer and possible founder of Aliter City. He is a person that Shisei states as "That guy who has the power to wipe you off the earth,but won't because most likely out of interest." and he isn't off his mark. The twos relations are strictly client and mercenary, with little exchange of words and with more action on Shisei's end. He is usually indifferent from what majorly goes on outside his research,but he will put his foot down when things get too out of control or immoral,efficiently.


Belvier Listolle

Belvier Listolle

Alignment:Chaotic Evil(?)

Ability:Psionic Manipulation

The proclaimed biological younger sister of Shisei,though it is unknown if this is the truth. She shows vehement hatred and distaste to Shisei Yugami,blaming him for the murder of their family and saying that if he didn't exist,everything up to the current point would not have happened,a view of a child,most likely due to the fact of her lack of external interaction beyond a couple individuals,but we digress. It is to be noted,she gained her powers artificially and that continued use causes harm and pain to herself,but she doesn't care as long as her brother dies. Shisei has refused to voice his opinion,though he always seems to have a sad expression when the topic arises.

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Aegis Forte

Alignment:Chaotic Good

Ability:Reality Selection

Shisei's "clone" and successor. The relations between the two have been a little more than formal in usual terms initially and despite seemingly opposites on the personality spectrum they get along quiet well most of the time. Shisei often acts as the elder dillusioned sibling to Aegis' wide-eyed idealistic younger,showing the cruelties of the world in a slow,but correct enough pace. While their relations are fine,Shisei is shown to have slight bits of jealousy for Aegis' nigh-perfect life, wishing his own life ran so blissful,but those thoughts are shunned immediately as they come.

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