Shiro Tsuya in casual wear.

Name:Shiro Tsuya (城 艶/Lit. Castle of Luster/Colors)

Aliases:The Rainbow of Miracles, Walking Colors, Alternately:Shihyo (指標/Index)

Archability (Main Power):I imitate another me,from another world,another life.

Alignment:Netural Good/Chaotic Neutral (Leans between the two)

Birthday:February 14th


Place of Origin:United States/California

Occupation:Traveler,Executor of Ymchwil Hud

Voiced by:Yuuki Kaji (Japanese)/Johnny Yong Bosch (English)

Motto:"My life is every color,and every shade."

Catchphrases:"I'll play volenteer then..."

"So much nope"/"All of my yes."

"Open your eyes to the truth!"


"I love it how fear and hope stem from the same thing as with despair and joy does from certainty."

"Theres always a trade off to everything whether it be moral,logical,emotional,or physical,just make sure it's worth it all."

"I don't know you therefore I don't initailly care for you,but...I would love to come to that."

"Please,don't mistake unconditional kindness for something pathetic,you don't know how much you'll lose with that mistake,your hopes,dreams,future,maybe even yourself."


Inspirations:Shirou Schweinorg (For abilities),Yato (For Appearance),Kyon (For Snark),Hazama (For Smugness)

Likes:Experiencing new stuff,Kept busy,Honesty,Determination,Understanding,Efficiency

Dislikes:Prejudice,Lack of Events,Lies,Giving up,Impracticality

Hobbies:Dimensional Traveling,Getting into situations,Gaming.

Values:Friends and Family,His Beliefs,His Locket


-Anti-Nihilist:Says that you aren't born with a purpose,no black and white morality,yet says that having no purpose means your free to have your own and no black and white means theres a rainbow of colors with many shades.

-Deadpan Snarker:He is this usually,though not as much as other examples.

-Power via Possession:How his abilities work,except with alternate selves instead of spirits/gods.

-Compassionate Critic:Likes to critisize people,though for them to get the message and improve.

-The Gadfly:Relishes in the screwing of other people,though never truely malevolent.

-Beware The Nice Ones:Yes,he is overall kind,yes he is genuine,but don't mistake that for naivete or face his wrath.

-Walking The Multiverse:It's what he generally does.











"There once was a story of a boy,a boy who wanted to see the world with those he loved."

Shiro initially was a normal yet happy child living a ordinary life up to the age of 6, where he was subjected to a unprecedented explosion near his home. This was due to a magical cold war that had initiated around the time,unknown to the general populace. This explosion and the proceeding magical fire caused numerous amounts of damage. One of which is leaving Shiro himself without a family and his memories in shreds thanks to the magic tampering with his soul. Though,as a side effect however,he gazed into so many of himself,in different places and time while slowly reaching his death,and gained the ability to be a alternate self,T'o Fásma.

This event was not missed however,as a woman in the cleanup crew for the incident caught sight of it and in interest,wanting to gain a potential ally, advancement in her research,and more,she saved and adopted Shiro. This person was known as Leid Lineal,one of the highest mages in the hierarchy.Shiro was soon subjected to strict training in several forms of combat,tactics,and subjects in a steady pace with a side dish of expirimentation for research on his unique ability all under the previously mentioned noble's supervision,also noting is with lack of social interaction except with certain people. Yearning for exploration,he soon set out to the world unfortunatly even sooner was he subjected to the magical cold war for ancient treasures called Royal Crests.

Royal Crests,relics of old that can create phenomona of grand awe,wanting to retrieve and research them,several factions set out to find them,among the greatest were two factions,Ymchwil Hud and The League,the former of which Shiro is affiliated with. Using this as an excuse to see the world and prove himself to those that gave him hospitality,Shiro set out to do is part in the search with Leid as his mission control. Unknown to everyone and Shiro however,it turned out the string of events were looped,from the time Shiro entered to the result of the war. There were many iterations of how the events happened in the period of time,sometimes causulties were high,some were low,and other times no faction won. After a unknown amount of loops,it was finally broken with the findings of the stated greatest Crest of them all, titled Pandora.

Until it was found out that Leid,Shiro's savior and mentor/sister figure,was the person behind the time loops. She wanted to gain the Crests not for power or control of the world,but for Shiro to recieve whom she built up to this point,to kill her with said tools. It was the fact that she was the rumored Parth Rheolydd,a immortal god of sorts that represents a significant figure from a myth. For her it was King Arthur,and the reason for her death is because she was tired of the long life as it turned out it spanned several million years with countinuos reset of the world up to this point from her to find some answer/solution to her life till finally giving up and finding someone to slay her as a Parth are vowed to only die from combat.

Shiro,unwilling to fight her tried pursuading her to not go through it,and Leid yearning in her goals for death,tried provoking him in action,whether it be killing him multiple times,or destroying those that he loved again and again since as a Parth,she can just reset it back. The two did fight finally after a unknown span of time,it was brutal with many wounds and injuries from both contestants,though it ended with Shiro barely the victor,but in the end,he instead of slaying her,tricked the Parth Rhyeolydd system by playing two timelines simultaneously as both the "main" ones with a alternate self of his,one where Shiro kills Leid and one where he obviously doesn't.This causes both of them to be Parths with both of them representing King Arthur,with his words being "You don't have to be alone in your endless life,spend it with me,someone you obviously care about,you idiot."

In the end the entire conflict was resolved,with the two magic factions uneasily calling a ceasefire and with Shiro and Leid able to not be each other's end. The two travel the multiverse,searching for things that catch their interest.

Personal Information:


Due to his abilities,Shiro holds massive confidence in his abilities,and a majority of the time,he is correct,leaving him to only give his normal and never his best,unless it is a crucial situation that requires his full attention. Also tagged along with his slight arrogance is his habits to be careless and reckless in some situations due to feeling more powerful than most oppisition and this has gotten him into tight situations,not that he is prideful to admit.

Yet this should not be mistaken for stupidity,Shiro is fully capable of planning,tactical manuevers,and proficiency when it is clear that there is not point in not trying. Other notes is that he is repectful to a person's views as long as their within reasonable boundaries and usually carries a slight upbeat mood despite his usual behaviors,and while he wouldn't care about a person outside whom he knows,he relishes in growing to know and understand people he meets in irony..

Overall,Shiro is a sociable person to be around,if a bit arrogant in how he views himself. Even then he is quiet disliking of the Social Darwinistic mindset and only sees power nothing more than a tool to be used,but never flaunted. Strongly believing justifications from either cool logic or the agreement of others. "Humanity is a social species after all."


Social and quiet honest with himself if one gets past the arrogance,Shiro is one of the many few to go out and openly interact with others actively if possible. Despite that though he is quiet critical in his words if he feels the need to,bluntly pointing out the flaws of one,and considering the problems it can or has made.Though this is only so that the person he critisizes realizes it and tries to repair/cover it accordingly.

If it doesn't involve such as the above criticism,he is not one to judge and is willing to accept numerous things with little complaint,only being aggressive if it compromises or offends him greatly.Despite that though he prioritizes many contigencies and precautions as a "just in case" for anything.

On the other hand he is quiet fond of social interactions,he makes sure to have exchanges to what the others he converses with considers acceptable and to give them as much as he can without compromising his own needs too unsalvagable,and has a likeness to gain great understanding of anyone he considers a potential friend or interest.


Despite he can easily find a alternate self to make his life infinitely more easier in pretty much all aspects,Shiro abstains from such petty uses of power and only calls to use such abilities of his alternates if it's clear the subject is outside his forte as for not only pride,but moderation and self-improvement. Thus playing a more simple and to irony,a much more fun life for him to undergo with in his days.

On another hand,Shiro is a traveller at heart,wanting to see all that could happen in the world that revolves around,and with his abilities of alternate selves,he could travel the multiverse with ease,giving him a infinitely more to see around him,whether it be artifacts,people,cities,planets,or events,keeping all of it a close place to his heart. This gives him alot to work with,yet he just goes forward with no predetermined path and seeks out to anything that catches his eye,never to gain anything except those he would consider useful or memorable enough to keep.

Though while always curious and seemingly self-indulgent on satisfying his interests,he will intervene in a situation if those that are innocent involved. Reasons for this are the same as the reasons why a person takes a certain perspective,"Because that's what I believe is right.",leaving him to soon retaliate against any aggressor.

Combat Style:

Due to many of his alternate selves and each with their own personal tactics and combat preferences,it is nigh impossible to pin the original Shiro Tsuya's actual strategies and information. Though it is to be noted he will usually use multiple alternate selves of him in rapid and quick succession to completely confuse and open up the enemy with all different battle strategies the alternates have with precision and efficient harmony and timing to prevent discoordination.

Though while despite the fact that he uses multiple alternates to get the edge on opponents,when he is going against great numbers or a greatly powerful opponent(s),Shiro is almost guaranteed in using a very powerful alternate self or a powerful artifact against said strong oppisition,these are ranging from mass destructive power to reality and conceptual altering effects.

Though it is to keep forever note that when Shiro changes alternates,it is best to be at the defensive and try to find out that alternate's tactics,though this action in itself may also be dangerous depending on the alternate and considering the weapons that specific one prefers to use (or lack thereof).

Signature Move:

-Absent Rail:A attack that cuts a linear line while distorting space-time along said line,guranteeing breaking through most defenses.


Many of Shiro's flaws usually stem from his arrogance,with his confident and smug behavior at times may lead him to accidentlly leave a variable out due to being close to victory. Though other flaws due include his closeness to other characters from time to time with his inability to harm them unless absolutely necessary and his reckless behavior also. He also abstains from using higher abilities,unless his foe is up to that level with a mix of his arrogance and his own willingness to prove himself.

Questions and Answers:

1.What is a major hobby of yours?

A:Playing games,usually competetive,if only to listen to the children's anguish and poor excuses.

2.Do you travel?

A:Yes,interdimensionally to boot,I only hope humanity joins me,they know not what they miss.

3.Anything that bothers you?

A:The worry for my friends and family,what's ahead of me, Leid's condition,and those are the most notable ones.

4.Do you feel lucky at times?

A:I control probability,I'm lucky when I want to be lucky....or is it fate since I ascertain a outcome?

5.Any material object you value?

A:My locket,I beleive it's the only thing I have from my biological family that I can't remember,it only has a proverb.

6.Significant Other?

A:*Stares at You* I refuse to answer that question,only my Author Self can answer that and you know him *stares at A Living Person*.

7.Any advice to life?

A:Keep looking forward,never too high up and never too far low, both can lead to tragedy, trust me, just be yourself.

8.Do you have a favorite song/band?

A:I don't really have a strict preference though if I have to say, I love Rise Against, and Bad Apple! is catchy as hell.

9.What form of media do you like the most?

A:Anime.....enough said.

10.A particular belief?

A:Come to understand if possible, judge if only unbiased, Treat others how you want to be treated, and always help those in need.

11.Anyone/Anything you despise?

A:Monsters and Devils, metaphorically speaking. One only kills and destroys because it lacks any more intelligence, another manipulates for their own selfish and immoral gains with no other significant motivation, they have no right to exist.

12.Anything you want to change from the past or know about?

A:Know of my birth parents probably and prevent the death of my old classmates...I knew them since 5th day in the mage society. Though that's only some, we'd be here all day otherwise.


A:My arrogance and care for my friends and all are quiet obvious,though as hard as it to admit, my criticsm and kindness has lead me to undesirable situations as well, next to my "stupid" ideas.

14.Anyone you look up to?

A:Leid for a while,until we became equals,it's hard to find someone that fills that empty slot.

15.What is your idea of a utopia?

A:A utopia is impossible,considering that with everything there will be flaws,like us with our individuality and hiveminds with their lack of diversity. Though if I have to say,a place where people can understand each other and judge each other judicially and treated fairly by effect.

16.Your Greatest Fear?

A:There are many things I fear, losing everyone, to never be accepted, to become corrupt, to be not good enough, have my efforts fruitless every time,etc. despite it all, I am not "strong".

17.Your most noticable trait?

A:Most likely my pretty boy looks....yeesh.

18.Your least favourite trait about yourself?

A:My pretty boy looks....and my snake-like eyes,both make me look way unnatural.

19.Do you like yourself?

A:Sometimes yes, other times no.

20.What do you want from your Significant Other?

A:Gratefulness and Satisfaction,I want nothing more for her to smile and be happy,I wouldn't ask for more because I love her.

21.Would you kill? Why?

A:I would kill to keep those I care for safe or to prevent more deaths, nothing more.

22.Greatest Regrets?

A:Being unable to do anything even when I have power and more importantly, not helping Leid when she was obviously in pain back then.


A:Mostly strict,leaned more on knowledge and research, social interactions were minimal, which was a bummer.

24.What trait do you admire in a person?

A:Determination, Kindness, and Optimism, as those are ideal traits for what a human SHOULD be.

25.How do you spend your free time?

A:Dimensional Traveling, Chatting, Researching,etc.

26.What do you value in friends?

A:Their willingness to help and give advice from their experience,not to mention the jokes the give.

27.Greatest Talent?


28.What would you regard the worst fate or pit of despair?

A:Complete Emotionlessness, unable to hate or love, laugh or cry, be satisfied or displeasured, how do you move much less live like that?

29.Have you ever lost before?

A:Yes,all but one of the times from Leid, a couple from a group of well-cooridnated magicians, twice from Art, once from Belial, and surprisingly from Trauer,because Ares doesn't play by Reality's laws.

30.If you can change one thing from yourself,what would it be?

A:My inability to care for those I don't know,I know it's easily remedied but still...leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

31.How would you like to die?

A:Peacefully,no pain or regrets,like a old man reaching the end to his life.

Alternate Selves (Known Used)


Examples of some alternates.

To Fásma is the ability to become a alternate self from a different life within the endless amount of alternate possibilities with all of their weapons, armor, build, memories, tactics, familiars, etc. being able to have a completely different set of abilities and weapon yet never suffer with unfamiliarity due to the exact build and memories. This opens a infinite gateway of creative use with drastically (or not) set of abilities to use masterfully as the original and play mind games to unsuspecting opponents. Though it is noted that with new powers gained,so are weaknesses and also,the memories gained do not clash with the original (channeler's) memory.

Alternates (Known)

20141109 marth 12 1 239 shrink by camikawaii-d877zjg




General Personality:Chilvaric and Polite,even in combat.

Ability:Enhanced Swordsmanship

A alternate that lives with the art of the sword,this alternate is unmatched in all types sword arts. He trained himself with the blade known as Balmung,the sword used by Siegfried,and he uses it almost as well as it's original wielder. Said blade is capable of taking down countries with ease and is able to rip through armor with it's cutting power. This Shiro is also proficient in magic though not as great as the channeler.

Equipment:Balmung,Enchanted armor.





General Personality:Professional and No-nonsense on the job,outside,a normal civilian.

Ability:Stealth Tactics and Enhanced Assassination

Taken in by a group of assassins and trained,this Shiro was trained in the art of the silent,kill,with these less upfront skills,this specific alternate took discretion,proper choice of targets,and preperation to high priority,despite that,he has grown notoriously in his world in infamy.





General Personality:Cares little for those outside his plans,though still overall polite even if smug.

Ability:Tactical Analysis

A Shiro that was drafted into the normal military of the US. This specific alternate has no supernatural abilities except maybe for his ungodly abilities in actions and strategies. Nicknamed the "Devil of Tactics" by both is allies and enemies,he quickly rose up the ranks and became one of the United State's top stratigists and advisors,a force unmatched in strategic warfare and skirmishes,he is always several steps ahead,no matter how fast you catch on.

Equipment:Spec Ops armor and tools,P90,Glock 17





General Personality:Ruthless in the advancement of research and quiet detached socially.


A self that far surpasses in magical arts than the original Shiro,this specific version has studied in runes,alchemy,spells,and multiple other branches of magic that could be given. He soon became a head researcher in the magic community and he is also ruthless in terms of his advancement.

Equipment:Heavily Enchanted Robe


Engineer!Shiro in his suit.



General Personality:Normal intelligent teen,if slightly geeky and arrogant in his work.

Ability:High-Tech Exoskeleton

Set in a a world far advanced than our own,this Shiro has a almost instinctual grasp on technology earning him a prospering college and high honors graduate. Moving from place to place,Shiro soon found himself to gain self-protection from the oncoming tension,and he created his advanced armor and tech due to that. This Shiro is a master in technology and is creative in his designs to boot.

Equipment:XA-224 Exo-Skeleton

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General Personality:Polite and buisness-like,nothing more to go by. Ability:Healing

A Shiro that excels in the restoration of others,this particular self was raised in the skills of medicine and medical knowledge,he set himself to be one of the greatest doctors in the world. With skills that,as long as there is a slight chance the patient can survive,this alternate will do what ever it takes for that chance to become fate.

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General Personality:Mellow and advising,takes protection to extreme priorities.

Ability:Absolute Defense

Not all Shiros are combat oriented,some in the vastness of possibilities,there will be anomalies but they are few and far between. This one for example,he had been granted the abilities of a shield. While not as combat oriented as most of his alternates, this Shiro made up for his lack of offensive ability with a near impenetrable defense due to his affinity with those of a defensive nature. Giving more creative ways of dealing with opponents.





General Personality:Uncaring for anyone that is not those who he has summoned,while kind to his those he did.

Ability:Summoning A Shiro that while has little to no combat prowess,is able to rely on those he summoned to help,while he sets up the plans. Living alone ,this Shiro's abilities were born through his yearning for friends. Thus the ability to summon was manifested. Now he faces his problems joined with those bounded to him and with no one else,whether the summoned be a familiar,beast, human,demon, angel,or even gods,they are all friends to him.





General Personality:Optimistic yet logical,keeps check in those he cares about and make sure of complete safety.

Ability:Nanite Mimicry,Reactive Adaptation,Adaptive Replication,Regenerative Healing Factor

A Shiro that was taken into a science lab to test bio-technological compatibility,specifically nanomachines,this given Shiro a nanite body that can fully adapt and mimic anything interacted with,even with regeneration to boot. He set's out to the world to solve multiple problems from his "creators" while still keeping a free will.





General Personality:Normal and polite,though noted to be slightly off from the world leading to seemingly emotionless behavior.

Ability:Space-Time Manipulation

A Shiro that grew up with paranormal abilities in a completely normal world free of magic. This Shiro was able to alter the very fabric of space and time,causing fear in many others and the interest of the military for testing and replication,causing him to be on the run constantly,though it is mostly normal despite that. He looks albino due to the automatic reflection of usual waves and rays and he has little combat ability due to lack of training outside his powers.





General Personality:Efficient and Logical,lacks majority of inhibitions.

Ability:Weapon Arsenal

A alternate that has traveled,collected,or recreated all of the Crests and used them to defeat Leid instead of the original's abilities. This Shiro is a master in all forms of weaponry especially the ones in his hyperspace arsenal,also to worth mentioning,this Shiro has no magical abilities worth noting other than a stronger that human body.Regardless,he will have a item that fits the situation.

Equipment:Too many to count.

Dragon rider by seanmcclain-d4uk0pn

Dragon Rider!Shiro

Dragon Rider!Shiro


General Personality:Loner and isolated to quiet many that isn't his dragon,Arteria.

A Shiro that was in the medievil age,he was sent on a hunt for one of the most powerful dragons in the land. Though instead of killing it or even fighting it,he befriended it and hid it from the rest of the populace. He fed and cared for (her) and named her Arteria. They bonded and grew a strong packed between each other,willing to sacrifice one for the other. In skill Shiro is a expert spearman and has powerful magic to boot and Arteria,being a powerful dragon can take even the most powerful weapons and spells caoming around unscathed. These are deadly duo capable of ripping countries.

Comes With:Dragonskin Armor,Arteria,and a Divine Spear.


Berserker!Shiro in Armor



General Personality:Lack's any coherence due to beserker status.

Ability:Berserker Physiology

A self that was used in a magical expirement to enhance one's capabilities and prowess far beyond a normal human is capable of reaching,while it was a major success it cost the sanity of this Shiro and is while strong and nigh-invulnerable to anything,even attacks to the soul,left the mind completely destroyed and irrecoverable,luckily this doesn't affect the original other than slight bloodlust.

Equipment:Divine Armor





General Personality:Ellusive and cryptic,it is hard to pinpoint how he solidly acts.

Ability:Reality Warping

A Shiro that's abilities,past,and motives are all unknown in his making,whether it be his memories,original motives,or explanation of his powers,even when he is channeled as it seems to be blocked or absent upon channeling.Also worth note this Shiro that it's very difficult to channel,much less properly and is under lock and key.





General Personality:The same,if much more sadistic,though it remains the same other than that.


This certain self did not develop a affinity for colors,alternates,or the like,but developed a lack of such,a void. This lead to this Shiro gaining the ability to erase and remove anything and everything that he desired uneeded regardless if it be physical,spiritual,or conceptual in nature,leaving a trail of irrepairable damage in his wake to fight in the war for the Royal Crests. This alteration may also be the case of his more sadistic personality.





General Personality:Serene,respectful,and wise,prefers diplomacy over violence if possible.

Ability:Causality Manipulation

A Shiro that was born an angel instead of a human,he completely lacks the brash and snarky behavior of the original and always serene and diplomatic, preferring to pick the most peaceful and least violent route,even if it gives more harm than good,and despite his much higher mana pool and capabilities compared to his human selves,he usually refrains from ever using it,though he doesn't lack skill. Friends to all that come to him,this Shiro walks the mortal world to experience a human-like life


Kaleidoscopic!Shiro Avatar



General Personality:Playful yet honestly kind,this is a Shiro that knows little experience of any negative feeling.

Ability:Meta Probability Manipulation

A Shiro that transcended and completely accepted his affinity and went above the limited physical realm. Now a ethreal and abstract being,this Shiro around the multiverse quickly and efficiently invisible to the naked eye if not creating a avatar,helping those he finds either interesting or tragic. He sees all possiblities at once,the good and bad,the boring and exciting, and takes actions to see more rising with how he effects events. There is no way of killing him,minus probably Counscious Guard and Angelic Shiros,while absolutely outclassed by Author Shiro,this is the strongest of the Shiro alternates.

Noragami yato by zoklock-d763iex

Counscious Guard!Shiro

Counscious Guard!Shiro


General Personality:Emotionless and to the point,this one only vies taking down the opponent regardless of damage.

Ability:Nigh Omnipotence

Theoretically the very first Shiro,this specific one contracted with the collective counsciousness of the world in turn to save his Leid's life alongside several others. He is the very pinnacle of Shiro's accomplishments minus the status of a Parth,in Strength,Endurance, Intelligence,and Skill,Surpassing even the original if not for his new designation as a Parth.





General Personality:Ah ah ah,you didn't say the magic word.

Ability:Author Authority

This Shiro is....e̅ͬr͒̽͗̾̈́ͧr̍̈̀̚oͪ͠rͮ̇ͩ͗ͫ.̏̃͗̍̈ͤ.̔̍̚.̋̃ͯͫͬ͠.ͣ҉w̔̈́͋ͩ͆ͤ͊r͆̃͋̂̿̈͠iͯ͋̈́tē͂̄̿̋͞r ͂̃b̑ͮ̈́̃̈̂ͯeͮi̎nͧ̀̋͠g̽̐ͭͨ̎̚͝ ̋͗͏o͂ͧ̅̂v̄ͥē͂ͥͫ̅ͦͤr̉͗ͪ̇҉r̒̆ͯ̆íd̑ͫd̡͆̑eͣ͂̓ͫͪͬ́n͋̀ͪ͘..̃͆ͦ̓.͛̒͒ͧ̚͘p̵̑ͥ̓rͩỏͤ̅ͬbͫ̉̋̄ͥ͠l͆ͦ̔ͯ͟e͌̏̓̾̽͡m̋͆͛̏̚͠s̢͑ ̵ͮ̌̔̅ͧa̵ͧͩͩr̸o͑ͬ̆̽́̊͒s͋̽̓e͐̏͘.͂ͨ̈ͣ.͝.ͤ͗̿̍̔er̂̑̉r͜ö́͂r͒͟..̍̇ͨͦ͟.͏ē͑̋͊ͭ͑̎̀ȑ́͑r̎ͧo̢ͤŕ͗͗͗̾͑͜.̐̀.ͩ͆͒̈̑̇ͤ.ͭ͏e̔ͫ̀́ȓ̡̅̑̈ͮ̈ͩŕ̂ͣo̓͆͂͆-͋̎͛̂͂ͬ Well hello there,sorry,I can't have myself be spoiled right now,if not ever,and by me I mean, the guy with Author Authority on his label on this small bio,and why yes, I do love keeping my secrets, as much as you do yours I believe, anyhow, I prefer to keep people guessing, it's amusing and interesting to see their theories to my...ah life. Anyways,I'm not the main character, this version of me is and that's good to keep noted.Though I doubt he'll be able to channel me easily unless as King Arthur (Parth) and even then it's doubtful,anyways ta ta, oh and by the way, don't think I'm not involved in the other 5 sheets,I did write them after all and even more,I think you all have met me before, isn't that too big of a hint?

Weapons,Sub-Abilities,and Others:

W. Excalibur


  • Magic:Capable of many effects,though mostly because he IS a magician.
  • Teleportation:For easy transportation,whether it be dimensions or land.
  • Absolute Defense:To protect himself against the few threats he can't defeat.
  • Bullet Hell:To deal as crowd control if need be.
  • Telepathy:Communication just became a thought (literally).


Activation:Dwyn Diwedd



While it's popular name is Excalibur,The name 'Excalibur' is false. It is a Latinized form of the blade's true name. While it is a blade capable of aweing phenomona,it is a blade that in actuality, incapable of killing, though there is a  loophole around such flaw. It is a sword imbued with the concept of "reduction", as because of that, it returns anything it touches to "zero", as such, all that it touches with a grave wound for any other blade, returns them to before their birth, nonexistence, undoing the targets actions, feats, memories, and impact on the world as if they were just a fantasy, until they cease and their soul extinguished, forever removed from the cycle of reincarnation or unable to enter the afterlife. Also while the person may never experience any sort of pain, they will continually grow weaker with the prolonging of the fight until they die on their own. It is speculated this effect is caused from the unearthly material that composes it, namely from the fae, ethereal beings of high class, known for dramatic effects. When activated, it's abilities are instantaneous, wiping out anything with but a nick, even able to reduce reality itself to a empty abyss. A blade truely to fear.


Luin of Celtchar

Luin of Celtchar




A spear originally held by the Irish warrior Celtchar Mac Uthechar, it is a legendary spear from irish mythology. It is a spear, when drawn, is eternally on fire, and will continue to be even when not in use, until it tastes blood. The fire on it's blade is deadly and cannot be put out, it is said to be able to burn anything it touches regardless of whether it be physical, ethereal, or even spiritual as long as it is able to make contact. The fire also can act as a deadly poison if not dealt with properly, any injury sustained from this spear will not heal properly or at all, and will cause the wound to worsen and later spread throughout the body. Also doubling as the Spear of Lugh upon being thrown or activated, it will relentlessly chase it's target until either said target gains a fatal injury or death with speed impossible to compare,and just as quickly return to the user's hand.


Crystal Blade of Refractions

Crystal Blade of Refractions



Rank:B A small dagger created by Shiro from alien material that looks similar in appearance to glass beyond any normal humans reach, it is a complex blade that is massively complex. The dagger's main function is it being able to cause a transdimensional phenomona, in turn, giving the user to draw energy/mana/etc. from alternate worlds, theoretically giving them limitless amounts of energy, through opening a small rift between dimensions to cause said effect, though any furthur interference is either limited or inaccessible. The then drawn out energy can then be channeled into a concentrated wave of power ripping the fabrics of the local Time-Space and literally blowing through almost any defense set in it's path. It also can alternatively be detonated as a one-off explosive,which it's radius at most is slightly above 86 miles,leaving the area a barren wasteland.

Premium King Arthur Dagger






The famous (or not) dagger of King Arthur. It is quiet large for a dagger though,almost a shortsword. When thrown,it unfailingly homes and hits the target at astounding speads like some living beast. It is six times the power and speed of the user stacked with it's own impressive specs. It hits the target six times also before returning to it's sheath,though it can be called off prematurely. It is quiet efficient in it's cost too.

Asmira s Spear by Aikurisu






A semi-sentient spear that's cursed yet with divine properties,made of living steel lusting for the blood of it's enemies,thus it directs the user's strikes for the most lethal points and damaging blows,not to mention that each wound feeds on the opponent,dulling their senses and weakening their body. It also drains the enemy of their energy and transfers it to the user for a quick refill and regenerative properties as long as the opponent is constantly getting hit.When poured or stolen enough energy,it can be launched for a burst of azure fire that cannot be put out unless at the user's command.

Curtana Second



Activation:"O blade, let thy self be filled."



While it is accepted by the populace as a ceremonial sword for royals and monarchs originating from England, it is in actuality, a vastly powerful spiritual item that, when wielded, empowers the user to unbelievable heights, comparable to a Archangel from heaven. It represents the position a monarch has using this magical symbolism. It bestows the user with pure raw ether, which is the source of power for all angels and gods of divine origin. With this bestowal the user is increased in strength, speed, and reaction time beyond any human measure,even when magically enhanced. When activated it channels any ether able into a disruption of all dimensions,regardless it be higher or lower than our own,leaving no viable defense for the opponent and absolute decimation to even eldritch beings,this event is completely natural,meaning anti-magic has no effect though it has a lag time between the swing and actual phenomona by 0.75 seconds. As a added note, it's even more effective anything draconic.


Avalon Armor





While in Arthurian legends it's a island,in truth it is a alternate completely isolated dimension that is only accessed through the armor named after it. This armor then seperates the user's "true" body,sending it to the sealed dimension,replacing the body in the armor with a perfect copy,with neither being better or worse than the original. From the sealed space,the user is safe indefinitely while fighting in a copy's body exactly like their own,there isn't even a difference in feeling. The copy regenerates instantaneously if the opponent somehow gets through the powerful armor.







The main go to blade for Shiro, it is a blade that uses the concept of adaptation. Therefore to that,it immerses to and alters the energy and mana in the air to artificially create phenomona on a ranging scale depending on the amount of power being altered and used. While it is able to cause events that is possible within the limits of a specific energy system,it's main use is as dimensional gate to travel the multiverse for Shiro,adapting and recording different types of mana/energy/etc. to use in the future as well as a amplifier for his channeling of his alternates.

Personal Phantasm:

Melukis pelangi

Kaleidescopic Ark

Let my life be known

I am both dead and ruling

Living all worlds equally

Always smiling,forever crying

Free from fate and it's shackles

Yet never intertwining with myself But let it be today,I found myself.

Let the Arc of Colors come now.

Shiro's very own personal phantasm,reflecting off of the many alternate selves he has and all that he could seen,experienced,lived, and died.He pulls everyone into this isolated endless space, it being visually a clear green landscape with a endless rainbow arcing across the horizon,serene and tranquil to the point. This is where Shiro is capable of pooling from all his alternates and use them freely without cost,with exception of the few higher tiers for more evident reason. Not only can he pool and use his alternates freely,but he is also able touse multiple selves' powers at once for maximum potential and firepower. This infinite field added with Shiro's King Arthur Persona and the he holds victory gurantee,no questions.

King Arthur:The Once and Future King


Shiro (Parth)

Archability:You lost,nothing more.

Quotes:"This is me,trying..."

"Let this be an honorable the victor goes the spoils."

"You harmed someone I sworn to protect,I believe I can break my oath just once.

"I am King Arthur,The Once and Future King,and I'll know victory.










This is the highest calibur of power Shiro is when unrestrained, as a full-fledged no-barred Parth. Representing one of the most famous mythological figures,he has not only a unlimited mana pool but has unified all possibilities of the world has happened,could've happened,and can happened,allowing him fully able to rewrite,alter,or erase reality on a whim. Not to mention the upper knowledge and access in magic in this state,giving him a wide array of enchantment,spells,and rituals. As for the change in looks,the physical form shifts in certain ways closer to the original legend to better represent the character they are suppose to from that myth. This state is only used against the high of the high,due this making literally everything too easy and it itself being too powerful to just be let off. At the peak of strength,skill,defense,and intelligence,there are little to no resistance against such impossible forces.

Personality Alterations:

Due to taking the personification as King Arthur,there will be changes to the person's psyche,even if slight. For Shiro,the deadpan snarky attitude is mostly gone,if only to be replaced with a servile one instead. Other changes shown,is that he is more openly kind to others instead of his usual brash and arrogant,if tolerable,behavior. This state also gave him a sense of chilvary and honor,leading him to not take a pragmatic option unless it is shown the enemy acts first to which he reluctantly follows.On a final note,this state also gives Shiro a knightly sense of protection for those he care about,so it's advised not going after his close attachments. Overall,Shiro in this state,is more polite,kind,and honorable,but easier to rage,which is less predictable then one would think as he doesn't seem to lose his regal appearance and instead falls to tranquil rage.

Noted Relationships:


Leid Lineal

Leid Lineal

"Well well well....look where the little boys' gone." -Leid after finding Shiro in trouble.

"Would you look after yourself more carefully? I don't want to start all over again"-Leid to Shiro after the latter's recklessness.

"I'm...sorry,but I'm tired of going so wanted to succeed me didn't you?-Leid in the final battle.

"I'm family to you and you to me,and family stick together."-Shiro to Leid in the ending.

Ability:Meta Probability Manipulation

Shiro's mentor and technical sister,she was the one that has trained the former in his magical training and also the one that saved him from death. She is one of the higher authorities in th magic community,and holds great influence as well,not to mention she is a Parth,a immortal godly being that can rewrite reality staying incognito. While she did genuinely care for Shiro like a brother, as her constant advisements to the kaledioscopic boy and the repeated timeloops on his death are any indication,it's still noted she set him up to be her murderer even if it's what she wanted. Even after they made up and can live together for as long as they wish to (forever) ,Leid still laments and cries from time to time as she condemned someone she considered family in a long time to a endless purgatory.


Belial Arcada

Belial Arcada

"Oh hi,did I inturrupt something?"-First meeting with Belial.

"Well I can give assisstance if you need,for a price of course"-Belials offer.

"Hey I'm a professional,I don't turn back on a job even if theres higher pay."-Belial Throwing his code of conduct.

"Atleast he is trustworthy to a point"-Shiro's personal opinion.

Ability:Space Manipulation

Belial is a jobtaker or mercanary,whatever fits the bill,he is quiet efficient even though of his lack of fame,to Shiro's opinion that he "is too friggin good in that line of work".Speaking of Shiro,these met in the middle of a combat situation with B being casual like a day in the sun. Anyhow,these two trust each other,one for the completion of a job and the other for the payment,it's not hard to guess who's who.


Art Fendor

Art Fendor

"Well I'm a information broker."-Art's statement of his occupation,

"Look here buddy,I don't like shit going down in my buisness,so you better fix this or I'll use your organs for it"-Art's reaction to the person that attacked his base.

"Nice doing buisness with you"-Art's Catchphrase.

"Polite and honest....nice"-Shiro's impressions

Ability:Light Manipulation

A proficient information broker,Art can get any type of knowledge needed for you at a surprisingly cheap price. While lazing in his free time,he is dilligent when it comes to his job. Shiro and Art's interactions were a chance meeting,though after the latter geting dirt for the former,it sorta spiraled from there. Mr.Fendor isn't a person to fight recklessly either,he is ungodly intelligent and capable of making people look like fools easy especially with his ability.


Cyle Eltain

Cyle Eltain

"I may not have a good affinity like you but I don't need it"-Cyle to Shiro in a fight.

"Burn the wicked and end purify the dead."-Cyle's Aria

"It's not like I hate your gifts or that-SHUT UP"-Cyle.

"Great...a Fiery Redhead"-Shiro's Snarky attitude coming up.

Ability:Ultimate Burning

Cyle is a mage enforcer,pretty much a branch of military that attains in magic,a little above executors,whom hunt down dangerous targets,enforcers are to work in groups and take down any viable threat to that faction they are serving. Cyle and Shiro were at oppisite sides during the war,and their fight can only be concluded as bloody and alot of fire was involved. After a bit of healing and a awkward convienent meeting at a cafe,they decided to talk about their reasons for their actions and how things are in their respective factions,and no fire was invloved. It spiraled down from there and Cyle became a valuable ally for Shiro.


Ellis Einsworth on the phone with Shiro

Ellis Einsworth

"I'm blind yes,but only physically."-Ellis to Shiro

"I can see...everything"-Ellis revealing her abilities as a clairvoyant.

"It will be nice to work with you....Tsuya Shiro"-Ellis and Shiro in a joint operation.

"Well at least she takes things more seriously"-Shiro's thoughts.

Ability:Clairvoyance and Precognition

Ellis Einsworth is a blind mage,but a blind one with special abilities,in trade off to her normal sight,she can percieve all parts of the world and the future. This allowed her to progress so successfully as she does now. She wasn't always blind though,it was due to a accident in a magical expiriment. The relations between her and Shiro though, happened a bit early on,they were aquaitences during the latters training in youth,and it stemmed from there. It was relationship of friendly rivalry than anything else,and the two are more than happy to work with each other.

Headphones, long hair, red eyes, bandaids, white hair, anime girls, original characters, shattered glass

Trauer Nehmer

Trauer Nehmer

"Big bro?"-Trauer's designation of Shiro.

"Look big bro! I have a guardian too!"-Trauer displaying her abilities for the first time.

"I'll help you anyway I can,big bro's friend is my friend too!"-Trauer's promise to Lied.

"Oh no....Leids gonna kill me"-Shiro lamenting.

Ability:Imagination Manifestation

Trauer never was a mage,in fact she was a normal little girl that only gained the abilities she have now from being kidnapped by a mad magician gone rogue. Around the time where the madman was being found,Trauer Nehmer triggered with the peculier ability to manifest any type of thought in a certain radius. She was taken into Shiro's apartment not long after she escaped and wandered the unfamiliar area she was in.She looks up to her "big bro" and yearns to be like him,she is also followed by her personally manifested guardian,Ares.


-Was mostly inspired by Shirou Schweinorgs power from the fanfic The Lives and Time of Shirou Schweinorg.

-The name is not a rip off of Shirou,the kanji was just pronounced the same way.

-Still influenced by TYPE-MOON

-I tried to keep the tragedy to a minimum

-Toaru also had some influence.

-Shiro's birthday is Valentines Day

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