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Mathaniel Drakomyr
Personal Data
Epithet Mathew Dracos (new name)
Matt (by his friends)
Aura Golden Orange
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Human (Dragonblooded)
Laterality Ambidextrous
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Age 19
Birthday June 23
Birthplace ???
Blood Type ???
Relations Family: Unnamed father (deceased), Unnamed mother (alive)
Close Friends: Alpha, Gwen, Tienna, Tarah
Other: N.I.G.E.L. (A.I.), Omega (acquaintance)
Likes ???
Dislikes Prejudice & discrimination, unnecessary killing
Professional Data
Affiliation Drakomyr Clan (formerly)
Alpha's Crew (currently)
Occupation heir of the Dracomyr clan (formerly)
Crew member (currently)
Base of Operations N.I.G.E.L.
Hair Color Charcoal
Bright orange (under strong emotional stress)
Hair Style long and messy
Eye Color Amber
Amber & Gold (under strong emotional stress)
Height 185.4 cm (6'1")
Weight 70.3 kg (155 lbs)
Favourite Food ???
Hobbies Training, cooking
Weapons Equinox
Fighting style ???
Threat Capacity ???
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Information [WIP]


Matt is rather slim for his muscular build, he has amber eyes and sports long charcoal hair. However, during strong emotional responses, licks of golden yellow spark towards the pupils and his hair ignites, regaining its original fiery orange color. He has a birthmark underneath his right armpit called a backward scale. In dragons, scales growing over this mark develop weaker than those growing elsewhere in addition to the spot's greater sensitivity, making it the weak point in their cuirass.
His high normothermia has him favour wearing light clothes over long sleeves that he finds suffocating. He has little care for fashion, so while his outfit often varies, a pauldron and a brown leather belt counting two elemental stone sockets, and a crimson, ankle-length half skirt mangled by the wear and tear are unfailingly part of his attire. The black protection piece that covers his shoulder, armpit and part of his chest and back serves the purpose of concealing and protecting his backward scale from the opponent's eye and blade.

Personality [WIP]

Powers [WIP]

Dragonblooded Physiology
Born from a Draconian father and a human mother, Matt's inherited draconic traits ended up watered down by his human genes. As such, he developed a more efficient metabolism, resulting in a high resistance to most poisons and diseases, an overall faster recovery rate and a significantly higher body temperature of around 47.5°C (117.5°F). Furthermore, dragon blood itself has beneficial effects on the body, providing him with naturally greater physical aptitudes and an extended longevity, his being estimated at 190-210 years according to Alpha's calculations.

  • Magic Resistance: The potency of Matt's magic resistance is such that the effect of spells used against him lose two thirds of their power and even the most powerful and unbreakable of curses will eventually fade away given a couple years.
  • Human-Dragon Soul
    The duality of Matt's soul gives him access to the large pool of spiritual energy possessed by humans and the more concentrated draconic energy that dragons have without the former's power limitation and the latter's quantitative limitation, something that a human body usually couldn't handle and would weaken a dragon overall. Combined with the exceptional strength of his body, that would eventually allow him to Maximum Quintessential Control.

Principle of Infusion
Matt was taught by [placeholder] how to harness and use the elemental energy around him through the Principle of Infusion, basis of elemenalism. He after weeks upon weeks of extensive training, he unlocked the use of both Partial Infusion and Polynfusion, which allow him to infuse specific parts of his body with a higher concentration of elemental energy or infuse his whole body with up to two elements, respectively.


  • Martial Arts Intuition: Matt has always shown an innate talent for combat, especially in the use of the sword. Trained by his father from a young age, he learned a variety of armed and unarmed fighting styles that he quickly mastered in the short span of four to five weeks each. When combat prowess alone proves insufficient, he displays a surprising resourcefulness in his ability to observe and analyze his opponent's thought process and style of combat to figure out exploitable flaws and weaknesses. However, he seems completely unaware of that ability, describing it as a gut feeling that he attributes to his father guiding his hand. This hidden acuity of mind coupled with his great physical strength make him a formidable warrior capable of wielding a blade with lightning speed, crushing force and surgical precision, and should he be disarmed, his equally masterful hand-to-hand combat skills never leave him vulnerable.
  • Power Level Measuring: Among his father's teachings count the ability to sense the strength of the souls of people he sees and gauge their difference in power. However, when a large number of people is present, that estimate becomes vague, nearing an average of their collective power rather than individual readings.


Originally a spell used by dragons to adopt a human form. Obviously, it was completely useless to him, until his fellow Crew member Gwen managed to reformulate it, now allowing its caster to adopt draconic traits instead. At the cost of mana over transformation time, Matt can grow scales and claws tougher than steel, sprout powerful wings that can propel him through the sky at speeds of up to 500km/h, a strong, muscular tail capable to snap a tree in half in a single swing as well as various other keratin and osseous protusions. Additionally, a completely transformed limb will also adopt the bone and muscle structure of a dragon's, furthering his strength, durability and speed.

Techniques [WIP]

Sword Techniques

Unarmed Techniques

Aura Techniques

Elemental Techniques


Solstices & Equinox
Matt's primary weapons are Solstices, a pair of single-edged swords that can be connected together into a double-edged broadsword named Equinox.
Once the sword he used to train with, what would later become the first half of Equinox grew along with its owner through multiple iterations, Red Solstice being the latest. The blade of a vibrant orange red color is a lengthy 110 cm by a width of 10 cm. In spite of its size and weight, Matt has no problem wielding it with one or both hands to deal heavy and powerful blows in conjunction with Earth or Fire. The second half of Equinox was forged from the broken remains of his father's sword. In contrast with its red counterpart, Blue Solstice is small (60 cm x 5 cm) and light. This makes it more manoeuvrable for quick and precise strikes, ideal to use with the Wind and Water elements. In his dying breath, its previous wielder infused the weapon with the last of his essence, giving his navy blue Aura that earned its name. Since then, Draco is the only constellation reflected in the blade and it always appears at its location in the night sky regardless of visibility. Oddly enough, Matt is the only witness of this characteristic and it seems to persist even when traveling to different universes where those stars are absent.

Elemental Stones
Matt carries on his person a set of two spherical crystals - well, for as close to a sphere as crystals can get - no bigger than golf balls that he received as a farewell gift from his mother before setting off on his journey. These stones are capable of absorbing and storing elemental energie, which he can draw power from when the needed element is absent from his surrounding. Transparent when empty, a glow of the color corresponding to the element absorbed sparks in their center, growing in intensity as more energy is drawn in from nearby sources. Overloading them will cause the stones to become unstable, unable to retain the energy and may violently discharge the excess at any moment, effectively becoming ticking time bombs loaded with the destructive forces of nature. He usually keeps one filled with Fire and the other with Water for the simple reason that Earth and Wind are found abundantly available in most places on the planet.

Communication Piece
Around his right ear is a white earpiece that was given to him by Alpha. It allows him direct communication with, Alpha, N.I.G.E.L. and other owners of such devices, and N.I.G.E.L. to keep track of his position across the omniverse. It also acts as a key giving him acces to the Intraomniversal Transportation System.
In every communication piece is a parital version of Alpha's Conceptual Switch called a Conceptual Lock, which conceptually anchors its wearer to their home universe in order to ensure them a safe travel to different universes with vastly different laws of physics without having to worry about instantly collapsing into a black hole because gravity is much stronger or not having access to their powers because a universe lacks the needed concept(s) for them to work.


  • Normal human weaknesses to a lesser extent;
  • Normal dragon weaknesses to a lesser extent;
    • His backward scale;
    • Anti-dragon weapons/magic to a lesser extent;
  • His average footwork makes his legs into easy targets;
  • The maximum power of his elemental techniques depends on the amount of elemental energy present in his surrounding.


  • Mathaniel is a derivative of Nathanael, from the Hebrew name נְתַנְאֵל (Netan'el) meaning "God has given," and Drakomyr is a cross between the Greek name Δρακων (Drakon) which meant "dragon, serpent" (obviously), and Dragomir, from the combined Slavic elements dragu meaning "precious" and miru meaning "peace, world";
  • Matt couldn't play video games to save his life.
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