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"Fight fire with fire and OP hax with equally as OP (anti-)hax."
― AlphaTheHD
Personal Data
Name Name Alpha The HyperDimensional
Epithet AlphaTheHD / TheHD / HD
Alignment True Neutral
Species Omnipotent Narrator
Laterality N/A
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation N/A
Age However long since TOOTBBT4W's first internal monologue
Birthday September 28, 2016
Birthplace TOOTBBT4W's mind
Blood Type N/A
Relations Main character: Alpha

Secondary Characters: Omega, N.I.G.E.L., Matt, Gwen, Tienna & Tara

Likes Science
Dislikes Undeserved disrespect, dishonesty
Professional Data
Affiliation None
Occupation Narrator and supreme being of the TheHDverse
Base of Operations TOOTBBT4W's mind
Hair Color N/A | White
Hair Style N/A | Long and messy
Eye Color N/A | Light Grey
Height N/A | 172 cm (5'7)
Weight N/A | 68kg (150 lbs)
Hobbies None. I'm already busy enough with the constant narration I have to do.
Favorite Food N/A | General Tao chicken
Weapons Omega
Fighting style Omega fighting
Threat Capacity TheHDversal


Being the narrator of the TheHDverse, I'm the closest thing to a direct representation [AlphaTheHD's user] in fiction.


I'm just a voice that non-fourth wall breakers can't even hear, so this section is irrelevant.

Personality [WIP]

I'm me. Simple as that.


Omnipotent Narrator


Since I'm the narrator and not a character, I employ storytelling techniques that revolve around my characters instead.

"Just a Duplicate"
If Alpha is killed by an opponent, the real him appears, revealing that the one who was killed was in fact just a decoy duplicate. The number of uses per fight depends on how much hax his opponent has according to my judgment, so if they have attacks with the "Bypasses all defenses, all immunities, transcends all concepts, negates absolutely everything, can't be avoided, can reach omnilocked targets and ALWAYS insta-kills the target NO MATTER WHAT!!1!1! Shut up, I win, you lose because I said so!" kind of bullshit property that they can use without limitation, then the number of uses of Just a Duplicate! automatically skyrockets to infinity.
It's basically just a counter to insta-win buttons.

Media Controls
I only use it when Alpha or Omega break the fourth wall. The narrative nature of this power means that it bypasses even immunities like Temporal Lock, Omnilock and Conceptual Transcendence, so long as their users are in the story. However, that same narrative nature also makes it so that all fourth wall breakers are completely immune to its effects.

No Sell
I dislike when Alpha's opponents use powers I deem hax against him (who doesn't?), so I find loopholes in the power's description for him to exploit, and if there is none, I fall back on having him automatically avoid them with his Conceptual Switch regardless of reaction time, speed and the power's properties.

Omega Ex Machina
When I write Alpha into a corner, Omega shows up from off-screen and vanquishes the threat with a single, powerful Nameless Punch The Can Destroy Anything.

Omega's Corny One-liners
When Omega pulls one of those cliché one-liners that everyone must have heard at least once in their lifetime, it's always sign that he's about to pull off one of his mind-bogglingly ridiculous feats or that he already pulled it off. For example, phrases like "Did you really think that would work on me?" allow him to shrug off the most powerful of abilities without so much as a scratch while ones like "Too slow." allow him to outspeed his opponent and dodge attacks regardless of how fast they are. But my all-time favorite remains when he deflected a Totality Attack by saying "Your aim is a little off..."

Deus Ex Machina
If all my plot defenses somehow fail to keep Alpha or Omega alive through the opponent's hax, a "mysterious force" will instantly restore their beings, making it seem like they were unaffected. And in case you're wondering, that "mysterious force" is the force I apply on the Enter key after having typed in a sentence like "But Alpha/Omega was seemingly unaffected by the attack."


Alpha was my first avatar that I would use in RPs and since I can't experience fiction firsthand without an avatar, I made him to be generally unkillable (Defense Power) and adaptable to different settings (Varied Replication) and gave him some counter-hax (Omnilock) so he wouldn't be blown ub by the characters on the OP end of the spectrum he would meet without being offensively OP himself. But as time went on, I devolved his character so much that he evolved into a character of his own and became the main character of the TheHDverse instead.

  • Fourth Wall Interaction: I gave him the capability to interact with the audience/readers because that's the cheapest way to make a character more entertaining is well done fourth wall breaking. It's up to you to tell me if I do it right. Unfortunately, him gaining that self-awareness is precisely what allowed him to become separate from me in the first place.
    • TheHD's Perspective (manifested as N.I.G.E.L.'s telescope and The Outside's database): Alpha and I share the same knowledge and he can see everything I see on screen. This includes the script of the story so far, the setting and the sheets of the characters involved. If there's something we don't know, I can just Google it up if I want to be factually accurate or make it up on the spot if it's something like some pseudoscientific explanation. However, whether he uses that knowledge or not is up to me and when he does, it's never of any immediate relevance to the plot, nor is it ever for combat purposes.
    • Reliant Resurrection (manifested as Duplication): The one and only way to get rid of Alpha permanently is for me to die in real life, which cannot be done by a fictional character. Even if the page is deleted while I'm still alive, all I have to do is copy-paste the source from a text document on my PC. Alpha can still be defeated/killed if I choose so, but he'll always come back in some fiction or another.
    • Origin Manipulation: All I have to do is a quick editing/rewriting of his character sheet. Fear not though, it will not be subject to drastic changes anytime soon.
  • Plot Armor: No one wants their main character(s) to die unless the plot demands it, so of course writers will go out of their way to keep them alive through even the most impossible odds. And I'm no different, even if it means using an Omega ex machina, or even worse, intervening myself.
  • Setting Adjustments: Alpha's character sheet only describes his default capabilities. In RPs and the likes, I downplay, overplay, omit powers/abilities/equipment, add weaknesses/limitations, remove immunities, tweak properties, etc. while taking into account the universal power scale, the situation, his opponent's power and the host's will in order to make him more fitting for the setting.

Alpha: Why don't you just slap Omnipotence on me while you're at it?

AlphaTheHD: Because I absolutely despise omnipotent characters.

Alpha: Aren't you one yourself? -_-

AlphaTheHD: Yes, but I don't play an active part in the story, so I don't count.

Alpha: What about your Deus Ex Machinas?

AlphaTheHD: Name one time I had to use it.

Alpha: ... ... ...

AlphaTheHD: Exactly.


On the other hand, Omega is the complete opposite: blatantly overpowered, with overpowered hax, immutable and completely unfit for role plays. But it wasn't always like this. If the name wasn't obvious enough, Omega was created to be Alpha's equal and opposite, but he got full of himself and things quickly got outta hand and he became the Omega we have today.

  • Fourth Wall Interaction: Omega gained awareness of the fourth wall when he punched the creator deity of one of my verse's multiverses so hard that they flew out of the script, taking their creation with them. I'm not close to forgetting the seven months of work he forced me to recreate.
    • Transfictional Perspective: Omega seems is aware of pretty much the same things as the readers, giving him the uncanny ability to gain knowledge about most anything within the story and show up out of nowhere whenever and wherever his name is spoken or his help is needed.
  • Plot Armor


  • None;
  • My respect for the RP host's will and other players' fun;
    • Complete authorship is limited to the TheHDverse.
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