Chris "The Author"
Shizuo Heiwajima008

This is what I would look like if I was literally drawn into an Anime.

Basic Info
Alias(es) "The Author", "The LITERAL One Above All"
Alignment Neutral-Good
Race Caucasian
Laterality Left-Handed
Weapon His Words, His Sharp Voice
Gender Male (He's also Pansexual like me)
Age 19
Birthday December 2nd, 1996
Blood Type N/A
Personal Data
Birthplace Arizona
Nationality German/English/Nordic
Affiliation(s) Agnostic-Paganism
Relationships (Love) Flames Of Phoenix (Phee) <3
Occupation(s) Independent Writer
Base of Operations N/A
Hobby Writing, Playing Games, RP'ing
Favorite Food Hamburgers & Pizza
Main Ability Author Authority (And everything involved with it)
Hair Color Dark Ash Blonde
Eye Color Blue-ish/Green Mix
Height 5'8 (6'5 in Anime)
Weight 156 lbs.
Universe's Created The True Omnipotent Arc, Artrora and Parus, The Blood Chronicles
Favorite Animes

Fist of the North Star, Berserk, Jojo's Bizzare Adventures, One Piece, Naruto, DBZ.

Favorite Comic Book Characters Galactus, Sentry, The Living Tribunal, Colossus, The Hulk.
Heirarchy Position Higher than Alex (And that's saying a lot)
Creativity Level Infinite


I look like an Ash-Blonde Haired Male who has a beard-mustache combo along with an executive cut hair style. I have Blue-ish eyes, and I wear Black and Red as my main colors of clothing, I wear a few casual Tank Tops and T-Shirts as well as I have black traditional Ray-Ban Sunglasses which fit my look in general.

Powers & Abilities

Powers: Author Authority, Omnipotence Embodiment

Abilities (These are Specific ones, Warning, VERY Overpowered): Absolute Access, Omnilock, Absolute Immortality, Conceptual Lordship, Concept Manipulation, Cyberpotence, Meta Regeneration, Impossible State Survival, Omni-Embodiment, Omnifarious, Omni-Empowerment


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