"The wind is always "
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Kenshino Durama


Kenshino's modern Look after living for what seems like forever.

Video games samurai western red steel swords cowboy hats wallpaper

Kenshino looking out towards the sunset, taking it all in.


Samurai by whoami01

Kenshino in his original Ronin outfit after he was cast out of society.

Ghost samurai by helgephoenix-d34ogqd-680x961

He doesn't look like this, but he gets the cool effect and intimidating presence when he releases his Chi.


When he takes his gear off he always has a Chi-Channeled aura around him, showing his prowess as a master martial artist.

Epithet Legendary Ronin

"The Last Ronin", "Ken", "The Empire Ender"

Alignment Chaotic Good
Race Uknown/NOR (Not On Record)
Laterality Ambidextrous 
Gender Male

Unknown/Not On Record

Birthday December 31st
Blood Type Unknown/Not On Record
Personal Data
Birthplace Unknown/Not On Record
Affiliation Fennmont
Headquarters Fennmont
Occupation Mercernary, Free Agent

Unkown, but they are apparently dead.

Powers and Abilities

Supernatural Condition (Advanced Level)

Supernatural Swordsmanship (Complete Mastery)

Supernatural Combat

Martial Arts Intuition (All Applications and masteries)

Mystical Martial Arts

Chi Manipulation (Complete Mastery)

Enhanced Gunmanship


Supernatural Regeneration (Only limit is Temporal Attacks)


Attack Movement Manipulation

Body Supremacy

Eye Color

Virbrant Crimson Red

Hair Color Dark brown
Height 228.6 (7'5)
Weight 210 lbs.
Favorite Food Hamburgers, Sushi
Hobby Helping innocents and delivering justice to the wicked.
Weapon(s) Diamond-Edged Elemental Katana, Specially modified magnum revolver based off of the 500. S&W
Strength/Combat Ability 100/100
Intelligence 95/100
Technique 80/100
Control 90/100
Speed 85/100
Magic Ability 100/100
Challenge Level 95/100
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