" nothing without the skill to use it. This much, I know..."
― Z giving a very truthful statement




Total Force of Nature

Alias(es) The Judge, "He who judges", Destiny
Alignment Unknown
Laterality Ambidextrous 
Gender Referred to as male, unknown otherwise
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Blood Type [REDACTED]
Personal Data
Birthplace [REDACTED]
Affiliation Unspecified
Headquarters Unknown
Occupation Some call him "The Judge" but it is unknown what this means.
Family Unknown
Powers and Abilities
Powers None that are defineable by terms of power
Abilities Unknown, only speculations at this time.
Eye Color Seemingly a shade similar to that of a white dwarf star
Hair Color Unknown
Height From the form people have seen, he appears to be a daunting 8'9
Weight Unknown
Favorite Food Unknown
Hobby Whatever he feels like doing
Weapon(s) Unknown


Z has no actual form, none really know what Z looks like, as he/it never takes on a full physical form, being on a completely different plane of existence (by speculation). The form it/he has chosen to take seems to be humanoid, in how it dresses with an odd trench coat and detective hat, but for some reason across his face he has a seemingly metal mask which covers what appears to be his true face. No one knows if its really metal or something beyond comprehension, but one things for certain, with his glowing white eyes and ethereal presence, Z certainly gives off a heavy sense of intimidation.


Z's personality type is a mystery, even to this day. Z normally never talks to many beings, there have only been a few recorded lines. The way Z seems to be is with a sense of intrigue, mixed with a very intimidating sense of callousness when uttering any word. He seems to carry himself as being a very unknown and very mysterious being, often showing up randomly and then disappearing just as quickly as he came.


Some say that he created himself, some say that he's a force of nature...but to be honest no being, even with omniscience, will ever truly know how Z came to be, nor how his existence could even be possible. So for now, that mystery will forever be what it is, a mystery.

Powers (Speculated, not confirmed)

Total Existence: While the powers of Z are somewhat speculated by many, he does not appear to have any definable powers or set abilities, having all custom ones to his own existence. Only one detail has been revealed, and it was revealed by him. He stated "I am what I make myself to be, I am all that I can be, that is all that needs to be stated." From this many have inferred that Z not only created himself, but has total control over himself and that seemingly, no rules or limits apply to him. Despite this though, he appears to not use these powers for any nefarious means, as he shows to only punish the wicked and those who abuse their godly power for gain, an attribute that maby appreciate.


-The only being who has ever matched Z in any form of combat whatsoever is Gherman J. Krauss, with neither landing a single blow on each other and calling a stalemate after several hundred years of fighting.

-Z's true power is unknown, but even Alex, the embodiment of Total Power says to stray from fighting Z if you are anything less than what Alex is, a truly infinite being.

-Z never fights those who do no wrong, only taking requests when he has free time, which isn't often.

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