"Our powers are as one!"
― One of their cuter quotes
"We're so cute we can kill you without even touching you!"
― Them being themselves
"Gooooooooooo Riya!...And team Wonder!"
― Them cheering their leader and themselves cutely


Kimmie's normal look.

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Alice's normal look.


Jennifer's normal look.

Epithet The Trio of Cuteness, 
Alias(es) "Cuties", "The Embodiments of Cuteness"
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Human
Laterality All of them are oddly Left Handed
Gender Male

All of them are 7

Birthday Unkown
Blood Type All of them have O
Personal Data
Birthplace A smaller town
Affiliation Riya Larson
Headquarters The Seven Resort
Occupation Under leadership of Riya Larson



Kimmie: Cuteness Embodiment and Absolute Condition

Alice: Omni-MagicElemental Embodiment

Jennifer: Almighty Absorbing Replication10th Dimension Physiology


Group Name

The Wonders


Riya Larson


Kimmie Farron

Alice Ashton

Jennifer West

Powers and Abilities

Kimmie Farron- Cuteness Embodiment, Absolute Condition

Alice Ashton- Elemental Embodiment, Omni-Magic

Jennifer West- Almighty Absorbing Replication, 10th Dimension Physiology

Backgrounds and Origins

All three of these girls were closely associated with one another even before they were sent to that horrific orphanage, but before that, they lived peacefully in the same town. However, their cute and innocent lives would be shortly ruined as a great war erupted between King Merran's kingdom and a warring kingdom in the south, and their town was in the middle of it all. One by one, everyone they knew, even child friends were being slaughtered as Merran sought to destroy any and all children of any resistence families, and unfortunately, their families were in the resistance and were murdered in the street, before a few guards, namely the general, Erith, showed mercy towards them and kept them safe. When the war had ended, an orphanage was made and constructed to home the children whose parents were killed. They spent their time there, but eventually they started running out of maids and misstresses so a woman by the name of Orpha showed up, ready to tear whatever innocence away that they had left. Orpha was a cruel woman, who beat these kids for seemingly no reason, except that she constantly talked about how she was always stressed. She tortured them emotionally, physically and sexually until they were saved by a being known as Annie, but even then she tried to kill them, and managed to kill all of the other children until Riya had Alex teleport them out. Now, they live in the Resort, Under Riya as their leader, to which Kim has taken quite a liking to.

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