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The power to manipulate reality, concepts, existence, nothingness, and even all origins, rationally and irrationally. Combination of Dual Warping, Absolute Transcendence, Science-Magic Ascendancy, 10th Dimension Physiology.

Also Called

  • Absolute/Almighty Dualistic Ruler
  • Dual Reality Warping/Manipulation Transcendent Physiology
  • Dualistic-Ruler Transcendent Physiology
  • Dualistic Reality Warping/Manipulation Transcendent Physiology
  • Infinite Dualistic Ruler
  • Science-Magic Reality Warping/Manipulation
  • Ultimate Warper Physiology


The user is a being of great incalculable and unimaginable power, capable of mentally redefining reality, existence, concepts, origin and even nothingness, both rationally (computer-like programming) and irrationally (turning fantasies into reality) to an extent infinite.

Capable of transcending everything, the user has transcended limitations, power cannot be limited, blocked or taken away from the user by others.

The rational side allows users to freely customize any aspect of reality, adjusting them on the fly with extreme precision and control. User can thus create, erase and rewrite anything exactly as they see fit.

The irrational side allows the user to warp reality through desires and ideas, bringing anything into existence and the reverse, or remodeling it regardless of the rules of reason. User can then remake reality to their exact imaginations and whims.

The user transcends their existence in absolutely anything and everything, including all dimensions, life/death, beginning/ending, concepts/ideas/principles, creation/destruction, boundaries, context, potential, possibilities/variables, levels of reality, existence/nonexistence, perfection/levels of perfection, embodiments, their personal status, being/non-being, etc.

An infinite amount of information and data can be stored in the user's essence, that is, in his mind, and the user can also access multiple information infinitely at the same time, like an artificial intelligence or a super computer with unlimited processing.

Only one side has dominance at first, but over time and with experience, the user will be able to manipulate everything without limits, combining modes as naturally as breathing, achieving balance and infinite power.

Applications (General)





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Basic-Level Users

Users of this level cannot fully distort reality, and have control of only one type of manipulation, which type is chosen by the user. (Rational or Irrational) But they are still capable of slight alterations in reality, being the initial version of all those who receive this power.

Advanced-Level Users

Users of this level are already closer to a manipulator of reality, being able to alter the laws of physics themselves. They also begin to better dominate the side previously left out by the user.

Master-Level Users

Users at this level manipulate reality in its entirety, and begin to go beyond just manipulating reality, starting to manipulate other, more abstract things like existence and concepts. The user also already has a good grasp of both types of manipulations, but is not yet able to use them together.

Ultimate-Level Users

Users of this level are already able to use the duality of their power together, reaching an even greater mastery, but they still do not have complete mastery over them together. Users are already able to reach the beginnings of things, and already have a higher level of things they were able to manipulate before.

Absolute-Level Users

Users of this level already have perfect mastery of joint manipulation of both types, can manipulate the origins and all abstract things existing or not, and with extreme naturalness, being the highest level of those who have this power, capable of doing multiple things to the same time, always using the duality of their power together, as natural and automatic as if it were as simple as breathing, so the two complement each other. With users in full control of their power, they can achieve ultimate power.


  1. Initially I thought about putting some limitation, but I decided not to, I'll leave it up to everyone to decide to their liking.
  2. The limitations of this ability depend on each author and how they treat their universe.
    1. An example of how it would be in my case, this would be one of the skills that would only be below omnipotence and would be equaled to several others in the second place, even having infinite evolutionary capacity, it would not have omnipotence, but it could have omniscience and omnipresence or something similar to them. It would be a case that omnipotence would only be achieved if an omnipotent being gave such powers to someone else.
    2. With omniscience they would be able to make up for the fact that they are not omnipotent, as their powers come from their mental capacities, that is, their imaginations and knowledge, but they would not be able to be omnipotent, since being omnipotent is more than having all powers without limits or infinite powers, it is to be the one who is above everything and rules everything and everyone. But users also cannot be killed or destroyed from existence by omnipotent beings, but can be stopped by them.
  3. This was just an example of how I see how this would work in reality, so I can't define any limits or not define limits, due to the different ways that this can be handled in each universe. I thought of putting this as a definite limitation of this ability, but each universe can treat omnipotence in different ways, even as a level that can be reached, so I leave it as a curiosity.
  4. But why would I place a limitation? I like to make an association like it was in real life, having that kind of thing, and I think omnipotence would not be something that can be achieved naturally, just given/received from an omnipotent being.
    1. I think of it as a way for these primordial beings to try to keep the order and balance of the world under control, without falling too far to either side (good/bad), after all, a being who lived his life as a mortal and ascended to the point of becoming omnipotent, would certainly not have the same vision and notion of the world as a being who was born omnipotent, that is, it would be a way to prevent the universe from breaking up or being destroyed by an idiot, as being omnipotent means having responsibility for all the universes, something that someone who was a mortal would not have, that is, would be immature in the view of primordial beings, for their vision is to let each one live as he pleases and not interfere unless it is a serious case that only they can solve.
  5. But this is all just my opinion, the opinion of whoever wrote this blog based on one of the powers listed on this wiki, and who wanted to take it to another level.