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  • Antoniofer


    October 2, 2019 by Antoniofer

    The power to assimilate, fuse or connect anything irreversibly. Sub-power of Omnipotence. Opposite to Separation.

    • Absolute/Meta/Omni Amalgamation/Fusion/Merging
    • All Fusion
    • Almighty Union

    User can connect/fusion/merge everything/anything, including objects, powers, entities, boundaries, concepts, etc. Everything/anything unfied by the user cannot be separated or divided back ever again by any other force except the user's own power.

    • Absolute Existence
    • Aspect Insertion
    • Absolute Recreation
    • Absolute Restoration
    • Almighty Link: bound everything to the same almighty source
    • Boundary Manipulation: control all boundaries
    • Center Manipulation
    • Concept Manipulation: unify concepts
    • Culmination
    • Eternal Bond: unite beings for all eternity
    • Immutability: unification cannot …

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  • Antoniofer

    Disaster Magic

    September 6, 2019 by Antoniofer

    The power to use disaster-related magic. Subpower of Chaos Magic and Nature Magic. Form of Magic. Magical variation of Disaster Manipulation.

    • Calamity Magic
    • Chaotic Ecomancy
    • Natural Disaster Magic

    The user can use magic to cast spells that manipulate, warp and/or reconstruct the destructive and chaotic forces of nature.

    • Dark Element Manipulation
    • Disaster Manipulation
      • Disaster Inducement
      • Disaster Negation
    • Spell Casting
    • Weather Magic
      • Hurricane Creation
      • Storm Generation
      • Thunderstorm Creation

    • Chaos Energy Manipulation
    • Magic
      • Dark Arts
      • Environmental Magic
      • Luck Magic

    • Disaster Negation/Magic Negation/Magic Destruction
    • Destruction caused be the magic may be indiscriminated
    • Manipulate the chaotic nature of this magic could be difficult.
    • May not be immune to the effects o…

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  • Antoniofer

    Layered Life

    September 5, 2019 by Antoniofer

    The power to have one o more layers of life/health that protects one from excessive damage. Subpower of Life Preservation. Variation of Invulnerability, Supernatural Endurance and Supernatural Survivability. Not to be confused with Multiple Lives.

    • Layered Health
    • Life/Health Barrier
    • OHKO Immunity/Invulnerability

    The user's life or health is protected by one or more defensive layers, preventing it to lost more health above certain threashold, avoiding additional injuries and death.

    • Damage Negation
    • Death Prevention
    • Safe Mode

    • Death Negation
    • Layered Durability
    • Supernatural Durability
    • Temporary Invincibility

    • Do not cure the user from status effects such disease and poison.
    • May not protect the user from being knocked out.
    • Prevents death caused by damage, so Dea…

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  • Antoniofer

    Sleep Paralysis Inducement

    September 4, 2019 by Antoniofer

    The power to induce sleep paralysis in others. Sub-power of Sleep Manipulation. Variation of Mental Inducement and Paralysis Inducement.

    User can induce sleep paralysis in other beings, the incapacity to move or speak during the state between wakefulness and sleep, event that may cause hallucinations, generating fear and distress in the victim.

    • Body Immobilization
    • Despair Inducement
    • Fear Inducement
      • Fear Augmentation
    • Insomnia Inducement
    • Mental Hallucination
    • Muting

    • Fear Manipulation
    • Incubus Physiology
    • Mental Manipulation
    • Nightmare Manipulation
    • Succubus Physiology

    • May only works if the target its sleeping
    • Awakening can end the paralysis
    • Users of Psychic Shield are highly resistent
    • Users of Psychic Immunity and Sleeplessness are immune
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  • Antoniofer

    Resistance Change

    August 20, 2019 by Antoniofer

    The power to change/shift one's resistances. Sub-power of Resistance Manipulation. Technique of Power Resistance. Variation of Selective Invulnerability. Not to be confused with Weakness Change.

    • Resistance Shift
    • Self-Resistance Manipulation

    The user can change or shift their own resistances, freely choosing what power and ability will be less efective against them, such changing their heat resistance to cold, or moving one protection from one part of the body to another. A difference from Weakness Change is that the user doesn't become highly vulnerable or gain aversion to the changed resistance, but simply stop being particulary resistent.

    • High Resistance
      • Alternate between the different types of resistances at will.
    • Selective Invulnerability

    • Body …

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