"Working all day with no rest at all... I feel it's for a better cause anyway..."
― Asylla
"Look... Kazuo... I'm busy okay? Talk to me later... WHAT?! What do you mean you're not here for me?! R-Really... I see... well... YOU SHOULDN'T BE STANDING IN FRONT OF ME!!! "
― Asylla bickering with Kazuo
Asylla Cullus
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Basic Info

The Perfectionist

Azure Blood

Race Human
Gender Female
Age 17
Blood Type AB
Main Abilities


Weapon Proficiency

Speed Combat

Projectile Enhancement

Personal Data
Birthplace ??, Europe
Nationality ??





  • Defense Squad
  • Medics Unit
  • Scouts Unit


  • Mercenary
  • Medic
Music Nights of Azure ► Goliath Z ║Extended║

Music Nights of Azure ► Goliath Z ║Extended║

Weaponry God Arc

ZECT Armor

Variable Armors Catalogue

Asylla Cullus is an all around Mercenary, Medic and Scout. Working for two organizations, she fights around the clock to eradicate nuisances reported in an almost daily basis.

Asylla is allies with Kazuo Tomosuke since they are often dispatched in the same unit at ZECT. Asylla and Kazuo share a bitter-sweet relationship towards each other. Little is known if the two shared mutual feelings for each other



Asylla wears a combat uniform standard to members of Fenrir Medics and Scouts. Her other clothes include her uniform from ZECT and other casual attires that incorporate the color Blue or Azure, giving her the title "Azure Blood"


Asylla has a kindhearted and caring personality, in contrast to Kazuo's cold and analytical demeanor. Asylla preferred work as a Medic and Scout simply because she likes to help people in need. She is given the title "Perfectionist" because she always strives to achieve perfection in every aspect she can improve, giving her the enhanced combat experience and abilities absent to ordinary humans.

In combat, Asylla tends to get distracted in tiny details. That weakness is well compensated by her extraordinary athleticism and maneuvering, making her impossible to hit - albeit if a certain attack can cover a wide area in which she cannot dodge.

Weaponry and Armors

  • God Arc - A multiform weapon that can act as a sword, a gun, and a shield. The God Arc is also a living organism capable of devouring foes and absorb their cells into usable material, turning its energy into projectiles and varying kinds of bullets. The God Arc can also be fitted with numerous types of blades (short/long/buster), guns (Assault/Sniper/Blast), and shields (Buckler/Shield/Tower) depending on suitable needs
  • ZECT Armor and Armors Catalogue - standard issue for ZECT Mercenaries, the Armor and catalogue functions the same as Kazuo's armors. Asylla rarely uses these armors


  • Asylla rarely uses standard issue armor, the main reason is due to her large breasts.
    • Female standard issue ZECT Armor has always been tight fitting and constricting around the waist and chest area. Which is why it is not questionable why females do not prefer wearing it despite its perks
  • Asylla and Kazuo often bicker at each other. Mainly because of their differing perspectives and ideas
    • Despite all that, Kazuo and Asylla work together perfectly in combat situations
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