"Love, Feeling, Infatuation... They all make bonds between mortals... I'm simply here to maintain them"
― Lucia as a Goddess
"Love is balanced with pain... You take too much pain and now that bond is severed... They see no need for me as a Goddess... For Love is and forever will be dead"
― Lucia as The Lost
Basic Info

The Unfaithful One


Goddess (Formerly)

The Lost (Current)

Gender Female
Age ??
Blood Type ??
Main Abilities
Personal Data
Birthplace ??
Nationality ??





Lucia is a former Goddess of Love, Compassion and mortal bonds. She observes the world from a distance to maintain bonds between mortal Families, Friends and Couples.

It was until Love in the world became deceit and treachery. The world became more selfish and the Gods above have agreed upon the fate of Lucia. Without any justification, Lucia was forced to descend to Earth and be exiled for a crime she never committed, spreading deceit to mortals. Years passed and Lucia grew insane, she travels all across distant lands to deceive men, copulate with them and steal their riches and life force to stay alive. Thus giving her the title "The Unfaithful One".



To blend in to human society, Lucia wears clothing similar to a typical young girl. Despite descending as a lost Goddess, Lucia is still immortal, giving her that youthful appearance that attracts other men.


Lucia is rather manipulative and deceitful. She often exploits men's desires to get what she wants. She can manipulate emotions of men and sever ties between couples and family. Lucia is also highly intelligent given her background. She uses this to her advantage in terms of strategizing escapes and approaches. 

In combat, Lucia is seductive yet sadistic. Given the opportunity, Lucia can distract foes by exploiting their human desires or their relationship towards family and friends. Simply put, Lucia cripples her opponent mentally before kiling him/her in the most painful way possible.

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