Basic Info
Alias(es) The Maker of Fake Miracles
Race Human
Gender Male
Age ??
Blood Type ??
Main Abilities


Technology Manipulation

Weapon Empowerment




Personal Data
Birthplace ??
Nationality ??
Affiliation(s) ??
Occupation(s) Hermit/Blacksmith
Famous Last Words - My Life Before My Eyes

Famous Last Words - My Life Before My Eyes

Marron Al Ghanim is a hermit and a prodigy inventor, blacksmith and miracle worker. Most of his works are among the sturdiest and most powerful pieces of equipment that craftsmen can create.

Marron used to have a family with 2 children. A horrible incident involving the smithing of a cursed sword has costed Marron his children. When he also failed to construct the blade, the aristocrats that requested the blade accused him of theft and has been imprisoned, leaving her wife to one aristocrat that garnered an interest to her.

Alone and driven for vengeance, Marron locked himself in and dedicated his life in forging and mastering every method of craft available - to the point of near insanity. Years passed, inside the prison cell in which he was held, he endlessly forges day and night. Rumors have been told that he was dead. All that remains is the eerie red glow of his prison cell door.

It is also rumored that he mastered The Creation of Life. Marron is rumored to have sent out birds, and other animals out of his cell. It is also noted that a guard saw Marron releasing two humans from his cell.

Nobody knew what Marron looked like. The Aristocracy he once served died down long ago along with Marron's wife. Nobody is sure if he is dead or alive inside his cell. Nobody ever bothered stepping near the cell. People who did either gave up approaching the door. Those who did manage to come in his cell never returned. The conspiracy of Marron was formed when people speculated that he is using the body parts and organs from the people who approached his cell.

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