• Name: The Many
  • Race: Trans-Dimesional Hive Mind
  • Gender: Depends on Incarnation
  • Age: Various
  • Personality: The Hive strives towards conquering the verses unfeeling and ruthless
  • Quirks: Ends sentences with "The hive wills it"
  • Flaws: Too many minds or mental energy overloads the hive
  • Likes: Death And Conquering
  • Dislikes: Meddlers
  • Powers: Alternate-Self SummoningHive Mind
  • Techniques: Summon Alternate Demon FormSummon Army of Alternate Selves, and many others

Backstory: The Many as it calls itself is a trans dimesional vrius that infects a person and all their alternate selves to form a huge hive mind. The prime host is a high school girl which calls itself "Mom"

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