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    In order from strongest to weakest where do you think the more classic versions of these five types of goblins rank? Goblin (of course), hobgoblin (naturally), gremlin (these weirdos), redcap (these guys are quite scary), and pukwudgie (pointy). Personally I currently think this would be the order: 1 redcap, 2 puckwudgie, 3 gremlin, 4 hobgoblin, and 5 goblin. Remember not to list them in the order of which your favorites are, and to list them purely in the order you believe is strongest to weakest.

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    June 5, 2015 by Armyeater

    Name: It

    Aliases: none (anymore), formerly; Destroyer of Universes, The Ultimate Berserker, The Last Portal a Universe Ever Sees

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Quotes: "I only obey two and you are neither of them," "Long time no see," and "If you don't stop I'll gut you like a fish and eat you-- I mean feed you to the crocodiles."

    Height Normal 40', Human form 6'8"

    In Its natural form It has a large shell on its' back with 31 black spikes arranged to form 5 small pentagrams and 1 large one. It has nine tails, arms like an orangutan, legs like a kangaroo, four spider legs emerging from the back of It's shell, eyes all around the top half of its' head, claws emerge from its' fingernails and from between its' knuckles, sharp teeth, finally the five sn…

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