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    Plasma Conversion

    May 4, 2020 by Baalzebug

    The ability to convert plasma. Sub-power of Plasma Manipulation.

    • Ionized Gas Conversion

    The user has the ability to convert one form of plasma to another (e.g., convert aurorae to corona, corona to lightning, etc.).

    • Aurora Generation
    • Corona Generation
    • Cosmic Medium Generation
    • Cosmic Storm
    • Fire Generation
    • Lightning Bolt Projection
    • Neon Generation
    • Plasma Generation

    • Firestorm Creation by converting lightning into fire.

    • Energy Conversion
    • Ionic Manipulation
    • Plasma Manipulation

    • May require focus to convert energy into another.

    • Cyclops (Marvel Comics)
    • Havok  (Marvel Comics)
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  • Baalzebug

    The ability to mimic mental illnesses. Technique of Mental Disorder Manipulation.

    • Mental Disorder Mimicry
    • Psychological Disorder Mimicry

    The user has the ability to become a mental illness. They can induce any of their symptoms. The user resides in persons' minds. They can shift from one mind to another, if they want to.


    • Anxiety Inducement
    • Emotion Inducement
    • Insanity Inducement
    • Social Repulsion


    • Consciousness State Inducement
    • Digestive Expulsion Inducement
    • Function Scramble
    • Confusion Inducement
    • Mental Scramble
    • Motor-Skill Manipulation
    • Jolt Inducement


    • Enervation Inducement
    • Insomnia Inducement
    • Sadness Inducement


    • Enervation Inducement
    • Mental Hallucination
    • Sleep Inducement

    Personality Disorder:

    • Consciousness Shattering
    • Divided Mind In…

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