Pretty cool aye? Lately, I have been dying to figure what is this power... Something new or something that has been missed. So far, I have begun to call this technique/ability Cobra-Strike, named after the user: a cyborg named "Cobra" (on the left) from Masked Rider: The First.

This power intrigues me, for I do not know the properties of what Cobra is doing exactly nor do I know what the hell he is absorbing to pull off this attack (the movie itself does not have the context about it). The Kamen Rider wiki has so far told nothing about this ability and has remained silent of the subject to this day even after I made a post about it. Thus, I am only able to make a speculation of this ability: Cobra is absorbing a type of black-ish energy from his opponent and shoving it back at them.

It is only shown that the energy he uses comes from his opponents: like he's absorbing a form of bio-energy, however, Cobra could have just as well use the energy without absorbing it from others if it was true bio-energy as he would have bio-energy.

But perhaps, he is unable to use his own bio-energy. Perhaps, he could only use others instead. Yet, this may not be bio-energy because of the notable "black-ish" detail to it.

Hilariously, I once made a theory to myself that what Cobra is "absorbing" could be the evil side of his opponent but that would be proposterous... would it?

The answers are somewhere. I don't know how to contact the developers of the film so they can explain what he is doing but I must figure it out. It could be the answer to all my problems with my character.

What is this power?

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