Name: Phantos

Title: 'The Anti-God'

Species: Unknown (Last of his kind/Only one of his kind_ 

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quote: "I act for the greater good, if there is no existence, then there is no evil!"

Gender: Male

Occupation: Destroying the entire Omega-omnisphere

Likes: Non-existence

Dislikes: Existence

Powers: Supernaturally Dense Tissue, Supernatural Stength, Supersonic flight. Nonexistence, Almighty Object Fusion

Backstory: A alien who searched for countless eon's for the Gem of Pure destruction, killing countless lives and chased by many species that bring order he has finally found the gem on the planet of man, earth, his knew discovery makes him interested in man. Soon learning about man-kind's philosophies he decided that soon everything will be forgotten and that we live due to the fact that we have goals, he reflected on the past on the countless he has killed and learned a lot throughout the cosmos, he decided that the entire Omega-omnisphere must be destroyed as then he would be the greatest act of good, by removing evil forever.

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